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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday- My Weight

So I decide to go deep this Thursday. Most women cringe at this topic and I am definitely one of them.. my weight! I used to be obsessed with shopping. I loved getting dressed every morning. The past 2 years I can say, this is not the case. I seriously dread shopping! Nothing looks right, fits right, or makes me feel good. Seeing the size #'s go up and up definitely doesn't help. I'm amazed at what 15-20 pounds can seriously do to one's self esteem, self image, and life. I'm really struggling on portion sizes. I am an overall pretty healthy eater. Don't get me wrong- I definitely have my binge moments of ice cream, cookies, etc. but on the daily- I say I do ok. But even though I'm having grilled salmon and veggies when I'm doubling your portion size.. there is an issue. The Hubs and I are both suckers for those last little bit of dinner. We don't want to throw it out and waste it but it's not what we would for another meal. I also used to work out for an hour at least 4-5 days a week (keep in mind I was a single gal at this time). Well I fell off the wagon and I have never officially got back to a true routine. I will get back on for a month or so.. then fall off again. Finding that extra hour with keeping up a house, making dinners every night, working full time, and keeping up a social life is just plain hard! I've decided to get creative with my workouts and see how it goes. By creative I'm thinking going for a 15 minute walk during lunch. Or simply doing a set of cruches, jumping jacks, burpees, and some planks before hopping in the shower. I'm not saying it's going to change my life but at this point every little thing can only help. I know I shouldn't judge myself by my pants size but just overall I haven't felt all that great. If I was really honest I haven't felt all that great in about 2 years. I have days I feel ok, maybe a great day here and there, but not consistent. I see other bloggers posting about their cute outfits and amazing sales. I look and wish I felt like doing the same. I know to others I look fine but I miss my old body. I haven't even had kiddos yet so lord help me if that ever happens! At the end of the day it's not so much the numbers on the scale but how I feel. I'm also amazed that those 15-20 pounds all seemed accumulate around my stomach and thighs. I've even had people ask if I am pregnant! Talk about self esteem spiral!

On a comical note.. I saw this and thought maybe I should try this! Talk about motivation..

Coming Soon: A Fitness Tracker That Zaps You When You Slack Off

Coming-soon-a-fitness-tracker My luck I would die of shock!

Fitbit Flex Wireless Wristband - Black (FB401BKT) Additional View 1

I'm seriously debating a fitbit. Maybe add it to my Christmas wish list. I've also seen that Tory Burch is teaming up for some pretty cute bands. Anyone tried the fitbit? Thoughts?
What do you do to keep yourself at a "happy" weight for you?

Thoughts for Thursday
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  1. So I just got a fitbit a few weeks ago and am enjoying the motivation to get me moving. I am much more aware of my need to take steps. Read the reviews because if you do certain kinds of workouts, then it doesn't really track (like pure barre etc). I ordered mine through Kohls because I got kohls cash (and I used ebates too). Apparently they rarely go on sale and I hate paying full price for anything!

  2. Totally get it! It's so tough to get in the right routine and stick with it. I'm one of those that does well Mon - Wed or maybe Thursday if I'm lucky and then the weekend goes to hell....I love being social and I have trouble with willpower on the weekends! The best thing I tell myself is keep moving and that everything is just moderation. You don't have to completely deprive yourself of things or else you will end up over indulging!