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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Send Wine!

Happy Thursday Lovies!

How is it not Friday yet? We have some sort of plague that refuses to leave our house. The boys were at the doctor twice last week and just finished antibiotics but we ALL seem to have some cough that refuses to go away. Fun times! Praying this nonsense leaves ASAP!

+ Last week I helped throw a shower for a dear friend. I didn't take one single picture. I mean WTF is wrong with me?! I was in charge of cupcakes so naturally I ordered some. They were so pretty when I picked them up at lunch. After this ridiculous heat and humidity and riding in my car from 4-6. This is what they ended up looking like. I was so sad!

+ So this happened at work..
I NEVER planned on being here this long. You just kinda get comfortable and too lazy to go anywhere. Grateful for the wonderful people I work with but sometimes I feel like I want to do more. #stilldon'tknowwhatiwanttobewhenigrowup

+ My boys were holy terrors Tuesday night. Of course my husband was off playing softball so I was solo. They were whiny fussy babies- I'm blaming that on the lack of naps from the day. They were into EVERYTHING they weren't supposed to.. tables, fireplace, cords. To top off the night while I was changing Bennett.. Cameron decided to play with some books off his shelf. Well, he pulled on the shelf and this happened..

+ Thank goodness they slept the entire night last night! Can I get an AMEN?! I sooo needed that night of sleep. Now if we could get rid of these coughs. 

* Don't let these cute faces fool you.. they can be little terrors!

Hope everyone is having a good week! 

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

10 Months!

Happy Tuesday!

I can't believe it's already August. Even crazier.. I have two - 10 month olds! How did that happen?!

Bennett (On the Left)
Weight/Height from 07/07/16 appointment: You weigh 19lbs 4.3oz and are 2' 5". 

Sleep: You are still sleeping like a champ for the most part. 

Clothes and Diaper Size: Most clothes are 12 months- 18months. You are in size 3 diapers.

Diet: Formula, purees, and regular food. You LOVE eating off Mommy's plate. You literally scream if anyone is eating anything around you. You want to eat too. 

Products We Love: Phil and Ted's Lobster chairs.. seriously! BEST THINGS EVER!! And no they didn't sponsor this but seriously.. buy one of these! Still love Sophie and your lovie.

Milestones: You are trying to crawl. You can't quite get it going but I feel like you will have it any day now. You can sit yourself up now as well. 

Likes: You sing, babble, and laugh. You love looking at yourself in the mirror. 

Dislikes: Not being able to chase after your brother when he's off crawling. 

You LOVE to grab Mommy's face and push your nose against mine. It's seriously the sweetest thing ever! You are still kinda of a Mommy's boy but I love every minute of it.

Cameron (On the Right)

Weight/Height from 3/31/16 appointment: You weigh 21lb 11.3oz and are 2' 6" tall. 

Sleep: You FINALLY starting sleeping through the night after vacation- thank you Jesus! I am hoping this trend continues because Mommy is loving it!

Clothes and Diaper Size: Wearing 12 months-18 months now. Size 3 diapers.

Diet: Formula, purees, and regular food. Your brother screams for food and when we feed him.. you then scream for some too. You can kill a cracker in no time flat and still love all the sweet fruits!

Products We Love: Phil and Ted's Lobster chairs.. seriously! BEST THINGS EVER!! And no they didn't sponsor this but seriously.. buy one of these! Still love Sophie. Anything you can chew on you like.

Milestones: You are pulling up to stand on everything and attempting to cruise. I feel like my days of a non-walker are limited. You started clapping and mimic us this month. 

Likes: Standing up, holding your hands so you can attempt to walk, and being able to see everything. 

Dislikes: Laying down or anywhere where you can't see everything, not getting attention when you want it and being hungry. Still not the biggest fan of the pool. 

You give angel kisses perfectly and giggle. You are obsessed with touching Mommy's teeth and buttons on clothing (especially if they are shiny). 

We moved you both to your big boy car seats this month. Mommy couldn't handle carrying you anymore in the bucket seats. You both seem to have adjusted well to your new seats. I can't believe that we are less than 2 months away from your first birthdays. It feels like yesterday I was VERY pregnant and you were born. Time flies when you're having fun!