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Thursday, May 26, 2016


Thank Goodness It's Thursday but where are you FRIDAY?! Anyone else feel like this week will never end? I think I'm so far past sleep deprived that's not even funny! A 3 day weekend is exactly what this Mommy needs. Here are my confessions for the week..

+ I totally stole some of my boys applesauce. I try all their food and I swear it's the best damn applesauce I've ever tasted. It's organic gala apples- peeled, diced, and thrown into my Baby Breeza. They love it and I see why!

+ I fell off my no spending month wagon. The Hubs might kill me! I was doing so well until I got all those Memorial Day sale emails.

+ I ran into Target yesterday morning to get some salad dressing. I still love thousand island every once in a while. I picked up a bottle of Ken's and was completely grossed out by the ingredients- high fructose corn syrup.. cellulose.. So that nonsense went right back on the shelf.

+ This 60 degree one day and 90 the next around here is killing my allergies. I've had constant headaches. Mother nature.. please pick a temperature (I don't even care which) and stick with it pretty please?!

+ C is teething and poor baby isn't sleeping well at ALL.. Which means I'm NOT sleeping well. Please lord grant him some relief so Mommy can get some sleep. Thank you lord that B is good.

+ I may have the BEST Hubby ever! I was out until 10:30.. cue shocked face because this does NOT happen anymore.. last night with the girls and he sent me a text around 10 saying he was going to sleep in the guest room across from the boys. He would handle them so I could get some sleep. Thankfully Mommy got some sleep and the babies did pretty good for him.

+ I survived my husbands family reunion weekend. I can't tell you how glad I am to say it went well and it's over until next year.. YAY! I had to share one picture of the boys on the beach. My little beach babies!!

+ I had our last girls dinner with the 3 of us last night. I know she will be back but losing one of your besties to an hour plane ride away=no bueno! Our dinner was amazing! I had to share a picture. Sadly.. we girls didn't take a picture :(.

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Thoughts for Thursday

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Life Lately..

Well Hello there Lovies! I know you thought I abandoned this space. Between C being a sick kiddo, then B and I not feeling so hot, husband then caught it, and being in Atlanta for 3 days this little space got put on the back burner. I'm happy to report that everyone seems to be on the mend and we had our very first night of EVERYONE sleeping through the night= ONE HAPPY MOMMY!

+ Since my Hubs was sick on Cinco de Mayo.. we celebrated at home the next day. The Fresh Market has Thursday meal deals and May is tacos. We devoured these with a little sangria! I also love when they do their burger meal deals for summer. :)

+ My Hubs traveled out of town for Mother's Day and the day after. We celebrated a day early. I'm kinda sad we didn't get one single picture! We celebrated with lunch at Lucky 32. I seriously love that place! The boys gifted me a few items off my wish list.. These and this in a sold out green color. I was just elated to actually celebrate being a Mommy to my sweet boys! I sent these pictures to my Hubs while he was away. C is all about sitting up these days!

+ While I was away my sweet Mother came to stay with the boys until my Hubs was settled in from traveling. My Hubs had the boys Tuesday night and Wednesday morning solo. He never dresses the boys so he sent me this picture. I was seriously cracking up. The too tight shorts and socks with those shoes?! 

+ I was sooo excited to home with my boys again. Although B didn't quite give me the welcome home I had hoped for. Kiddo wouldn't look at me for half a day and didn't smile at me for a whole day! Totally broke my heart. He knows how guilt trip is Mommy!! Coming home to C checking out the Hanna Andersson catalog and B rolling all over the place.. melts my heart!

I hope everyone is having a good week! We are off to Topsail Beach tomorrow for a family reunion. Wish me luck with two kiddos traveling. It's the first time other than my parents already partially stocked beach house. So having to drag everything should be interesting!

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Thoughts for Thursday

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Confessions this Thursday

How is today not FRIDAY!? These past two weeks have been hectic! I am hoping to have a relaxing Mother's Day weekend ahead before heading out to Atlanta for work for a couple of days. My first over nighters away from the boys- cue tears sobbing. I'm sure it will be worse on me than them. Now on my confessions..

+ Cameron caught his very first stomach bug last week. Woke me up in the middle of the night. I had to throw him in the bath and strip his bed. I was terrified the rest of the night that he would get sick again.

+ Trying to keep two babies away from each other for fear of the other getting sick was a pure nightmare! They don't get it and it seriously wore me out!

+ The stomach bug threw BOTH boys schedule out the window. It was awful! Not to mention their sitter went on vacation so they were then looked after by my MIL, step MIL, and then my Mom. So nothing like some constant changing. They FINALLY seem to be getting back into their routine.. for now.

+ Friday I was so exhausted that I slept in my car for my lunch break. Truth.. first time for everything.

+ I've been having heart issues again and scares the living day lights out of me. I was sorta hoping it would go away.

+ After said heart issues now my doctor has retired and no one seems to want to see me. I mean really?!

+ My husbands 20 something year old coworker was found deceased on Monday after not showing up for work. It has really hit him hard. My heart breaks for him. So sad that a young life was cut so short.

+ I may or may not have already cried my eyes out about leaving the boys for two nights next week. I know I need to go for work but I would really like to start with one night away.. baby steps.. but I guess I'm jumping in.

+ My Hubs has caught Cameron's stomach bug this week. I'm praying no one else gets it and whatever it is leaves our house!

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

7 months

I'm alive over here. It has been a CRAZY past two weeks. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow on my confessions. This past Saturday my boys turned 7 MONTHS! How did this happen?!

Bennett (on right)
Weight/Height from 3/31/16 appointment: You weigh 16lb 13.4oz . You are 27 inches tall. 

Sleep: You are sleeping like a champ! You usually wake around 6:15 and coo and talk until I come and get you around 6:45. You seem to like you time stretching and talking in the mornings. 

Clothes and Diaper Size: Most clothes are 9 months. All sleepers are 9-12 months now. You are in size 3 diapers.

Diet: Formula and purees. You LOVE food. We've tried strawberries, yogurt, and peaches new lately. You aren't a fan of peaches. 

Products We Love: You are a fan of Mommy's fuzzy blanket and still love Sophie.

Milestones: Still rolling around but nothing else major this month. 

Likes: Your brother being silly or crying- you think it's the funniest thing ever! Being sang to, talked to, or patty cake. 

Dislikes: Being held too long. You definitely like to stretch out and be free. 

Weight/Height from 3/31/16 appointment: You weigh 17lbs 15oz. You are 27 inches tall. 

Sleep: You cry out once or twice a night but luckily it's a one time thing and I don't have to come and soothe you. You are making it until 6:15 or so now but when you wake up.. you're hungry and want to bed fed.. ASAP!

Clothes and Diaper Size: Wearing mostly 9 months now.  Sleepers are size 9-12 months. Size 3 diapers.

Diet: Formula and purees. You've started to somewhat like food better. You tried yogurt, strawberries, and peaches new this month. You don't care for peaches. 

Products We Love: Loving your exersaucer and anything that has little parts to move. You still love Sophie.

Milestones: You can sit up for short periods by yourself. You will get on all 4's and rock. You're so close to crawling. You can roll across the floor at lightning speed and think it's the funniest thing ever! 

Likes: Standing up assisted. Still love bouncing and trying to get into anything you're not supposed to. 

Dislikes: Laying down or anywhere where you can't see everything and being hungry.

One last picture.. Time please slow down! Love these monkeys so much!