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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Life Lately..

Well Hello there Lovies! I know you thought I abandoned this space. Between C being a sick kiddo, then B and I not feeling so hot, husband then caught it, and being in Atlanta for 3 days this little space got put on the back burner. I'm happy to report that everyone seems to be on the mend and we had our very first night of EVERYONE sleeping through the night= ONE HAPPY MOMMY!

+ Since my Hubs was sick on Cinco de Mayo.. we celebrated at home the next day. The Fresh Market has Thursday meal deals and May is tacos. We devoured these with a little sangria! I also love when they do their burger meal deals for summer. :)

+ My Hubs traveled out of town for Mother's Day and the day after. We celebrated a day early. I'm kinda sad we didn't get one single picture! We celebrated with lunch at Lucky 32. I seriously love that place! The boys gifted me a few items off my wish list.. These and this in a sold out green color. I was just elated to actually celebrate being a Mommy to my sweet boys! I sent these pictures to my Hubs while he was away. C is all about sitting up these days!

+ While I was away my sweet Mother came to stay with the boys until my Hubs was settled in from traveling. My Hubs had the boys Tuesday night and Wednesday morning solo. He never dresses the boys so he sent me this picture. I was seriously cracking up. The too tight shorts and socks with those shoes?! 

+ I was sooo excited to home with my boys again. Although B didn't quite give me the welcome home I had hoped for. Kiddo wouldn't look at me for half a day and didn't smile at me for a whole day! Totally broke my heart. He knows how guilt trip is Mommy!! Coming home to C checking out the Hanna Andersson catalog and B rolling all over the place.. melts my heart!

I hope everyone is having a good week! We are off to Topsail Beach tomorrow for a family reunion. Wish me luck with two kiddos traveling. It's the first time other than my parents already partially stocked beach house. So having to drag everything should be interesting!

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  1. my husband is notorious for bad dressing my little one as well.

  2. You got some amazing gifts for Mother's Day!!! Love Kendra Scott. Rory dresses the girls pretty well, but occasionally they are in clothes that don't match or shoes that are all wrong. Your boys are so cute in their outfits (even though they are small shorts and cute shoes!). I had what felt like the plague as well. Hope everyone is on the mend. Thanks for linking up!