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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cozy Robes and Slippers

Happy Christmas Eve Lovies!

I didn't plan on staying away earlier this week. Sorry about the silence over here. Friday we had my Mom's side of the family Chirstmas. I didn't take one single picture!!! My cousin and her kids weren't able to make it because of basketball games and the fact they live in Marion, NC. One of my aunts wasn't able to make it because her husband is just getting over an illness. So we didn't take the usual sibling/family photos. It was good to see the ones I got to see. Saturday got to see my cousin and her kiddos for a few to celebrate Christmas. We had a few neighbors over to hang out. Nothing fancy. Sunday was just hanging out and cleaning a bit. Monday I was off and ran some last minute Christmas errands and had lunch with my Mom. Yesterday was my annual Angus Barn dinner with the girls. I look forward to it every year! Again.. no pictures! I know I suck. I ate way too much but enjoyed catching up and chatting with my girls. I can't believe today is Christmas Eve! I'm looking forward to church at 3pm today. My Hubs is working until 12 so glad he'll be able to join me. I will say it's been a very rainy gloomy few days around NC.

I've been dreaming about a robe lately. This weather isn't helping at all! Not sure why out of the blue but I have. I have been so cold natured lately that I think I've just been dreaming of things to keep me warm and snuggly.

I'm obsessed with this Giraffe Robe. My roomie in college had a giraffe blanket that we would snuggle under. It was so unbelievably soft and cuddly. I think this grey robe will keep me warm in the winter around here.

Giraffe at Home Stretch Chenille Robe

I'm also still debating what kind of slippers I want. I am donw between 2 pairs. Both are UGG's but one has a back to them and one pair doesn't. Anyone have either of these? Thoughts?

UGG® Australia 'Coquette' Slipper (Women)

UGG® Australia 'Rylee' Slipper (Women)

Theses slippers and robe just make me want to curl up on the couch, start the fireplace, and sip hot chocolate! 

Happy Christmas Lovies! I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday!!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday Lovies! I am over the moon because after this little work day I'm not back in the office until January 2nd! Woohooo!! Here are 5 things I've been up to lately..

Monday was a bittersweet day for me. One of my favorite coworkers retired! I can no longer look out my office at her and chat. I wish her the best and she will definitely be missed! Another coworker also retired. We weren't able to celebrate with him since he is in Atlanta. So I decided to throw our own little celebration in my office!

I mean who doesn't love wine and cupcakes?!

I FINALLY found a vertical organizer with hooks for keys. I found this little gem at TJ Maxx. It was actually plain wood and my Dad worked this painting magic so it would match my corkboard! I love that we have a place to throw our random items and that they are no longer on the island in the kitchen!

I swung by Woof Gang bakery this week to get Kasey's cookies. She was already sniffing around her stocking. You can't really see but I got her a reindeer cookie, a dog bone cookie, and a candy cookie. I also got her bag of the cheese and bacon bites- she loves these treats! Yep.. she will be one spoiled doggie on Christmas morning!

When printing off pictures for my collage I'm working on I decided to print one of Kasey too. I found this adorable frame at Homegoods! It looks super cute on our sofa table. I'm sure our furry child would approve.

I LOVE Christmas cards. I have these hanging on my pantry door! It just makes me smile every time I walk by them!

I have most of my cards (the ones with pictures anyway) saved from the past few years. I keep stuffing them in a drawer. I'm thinking about stealing Anne's idea of this little book. I think they would make super cute coffee and end table books for the holidays to come. :)

Happy Friday Lovies!

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thoughts For Thursday

Happy Thursday Lovies!

Christmas is ONE.. yes 1 week away!!! I can't believe I'm typing this right now. Where has this year gone?

+ I am shock that we haven't had a single Christmas party to attend this year. I'm actually kinda saddened by it. We have a ton family gatherings. We had a potluck and a neighborhood gathering but just not the traditional get all dressed up Christmas party.. :( Maybe next year.

+ I finally got motivated to print pictures for my gallery wall. My Mom insisted that I stop by a local frame store to get them framed. I had 1- 11X14, 2- 8X10s, and 3- 5X7s. I seriously about passed out right there when I was quoted $1141 plus tax. Excuse me? I quickly grabbed my pictures and got the the he!! out of there! Michaels is it. No way in he!! I'm paying that for a frame and some mats for pictures that I'll probably change out eventually and have to have redone.

+ Christmas isn't the same since I got married. I hate to say it but I don't look forward to it anymore. We run from house to house and the day is pure choas. I come home and collapse when the day is done. I miss the days of sipping mimosas and snacking all day by the fire. I miss Christmas being relaxing and no travel required. I love seeing family don't get me wrong but packing it all into one day is just beyond exhausting. Maybe one day I will convince everyone to break it up.

+ I'm still in shock I get off 10 days for Christmas. Well I am taking vacation days. I had vacation time left and at my company you use it or lose it. I am coming into the office on Friday January 2nd and I'm sure I'll be extra productive.. hahaha. I'm not even sure what I will do with all that time off. I'm sure it will fly by in a blink of an eye!

+ I'm terrified that I will catch the flu. We've had two coworkers with kiddos come down with the flu this week. I had my flu shot but apparently they aren't very effective this year. I have wiped down every inch of my office and wash my hands frequently. I do NOT need that crap! Especially not on my vacay but I don't want it ever!

+ Is it bad that I'm already plotting dreaming of my Christmas decor for next year. I've already been thinking of what I would like to do differently or change up. I really don't want to wish my time away but I'm seriously that obsessed with decorating for Christmas. I know.. I have issues. 

+ If I get one more pimple.. I'm going to scream! My face and my back (sooo gross) have lost their damn minds. The dermatologist keeps telling me it's stress. I also have this weird jaw popping then pain thing going on. I happen to have my 6 month check up on Monday and asked the dentist. Without asking anything he said you must be really stressed. GRREEAATT.. So although I've felt soo much more relaxed with all the money I've spent on acupuncture, I'm apparently still really stressed. Fabulous!

Happy Thursday Lovies!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Our Christmas Cards!

I am super excited to show ya'll our Christmas cards. My MIL took all the pictures. She did an amazing job! We went to the beach a weekend in October and happen to take Kasey.  My MIL and step FIL ended up coming down and took some pictures for us. Shutterfly happened to have 50% off and free shipping at that time..yes please!

My Hubs is adamant that our cards and outfits should be Christmasy. He cracks me up! Most guys don't care. He actually picked our cards this year. My scarf is from Target. You can find it here.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Decor!

I'm so excited to share with you my Christmas decor this year! I actually didn't put all my trees up this year.. I decided it was a bit too much to do all of them so I stuck with 2 big ones and 2 little ones. I really loved how everything turned out this year.

I love that walking in you can see both the big trees. Please excuse the boxes I still hadn't put away when this picture was taken.

I found this sweet quote on Pinterest. It's not the best handwriting but it'll do.

These little guys I love! I have them on my island in the kitchen. My friends always say they look creepy.. maybe they do but I love them!

Our pheasant tree. My Hubs is a hunter and acutally killed most of the birds that we collected the feathers from. We actually had a similar version of this tree at our wedding!

Our little mantle. My Hubs loves lights so he insists that we light up the living room. I'm okay with that!

I put this little guy in the eat in kitchen on the table. My kitchen is black and cream with red and roosters. I found this little rooster ornament that I got in an exchange one year. I'd love to add a few more roosters so please let me know if you know somewhere I get them.

This tree is a must! I have every Barbie Christmas ornament made. My God-Grandma always bought them for me. I love remembering those year and all the different dresses. I put this one in our butler's pantry. I was so sad last year because they are no longer making these ornaments.

 I went simple on the stairway. Just some greenery and red bows.

 I love my Christmas china so I thought I would show it again!

Our red and gold tree in the foyer. You can actually see a little bit of it when you drive by at night. 

My Mom made my wreath on the front door. I love it! I am still debating add one more type of ribbon.

Here is our little front porch. I went simple this year. I also added white lights to the two trees on each end of our flower beds. I'm already brainstorming what I can do next year!

If you can't tell.. I absolutely LOVE Christmas! Decorating for Christmas is my happy place in life and I wait all year to do it! 

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday Lovies!

I'm so excited that this is my last working Monday of the year! YAY!!! This weekend was a good one although I didn't do the best at taking pictures!

Friday night started with a potluck Christmas dinner with some of my favs! We did take a group photo but the host has it on her camera. I hope to have it soon so I can post. We had a fabulous meal! Deep fried turkey, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, cranbery salad, broccoli salad, squash casserole, cheese cakes, and a brownie truffle! I should have walked home after all that food intake.

We ran some errands Saturday morning and stopped for lunch at BurgerFi. This was both our first times. It was good. Sorry this picture is when we're almost done eating but I mean look at that onion ring!

We also celebrated our sweet neighbors daughter. She turned 1! Her Momma did an amazing job.. I mean just look at the spread!

My Hubs loving on their other baby!

Sunday morning I woke up to my  Hubs making chocolate chip pancakes.. yes please!
Sunday the Hubs played golf. I ran some errands and just had a lazy afternoon. I can't believe there is only one more weekend left until Christmas! Happy Monday! I hope everyone has a good week!

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday Lovies! Another week down and can you believe 12 days until Christmas?! Time is flying.. here is what's been going on with us this week.

+ The Hubs went dove hunting last Saturday. (I cringe when I say this because I swore I would never marry anyone that hunted). He does eat everything he kills so at least he doesn't do it for sport. He decided to cook this Tuesday night for dinner wrapped in bacon. I had never had it before. It was better than I thought but definitely not something I would look forward to eating regularly.. just my 2 cents!

+ I had a photo restored of my God grandparents this week. Geez that was definitely more money than I expected to spend but it's worth every penny. I love these two people with all my heart! There is an actual portrait of this photo in their living room. I can remember so many days playing in the living room staring at this picture. My God grandma was/is so pretty! Below is the finished result. I have a CD if I want to make duplicates and I have a 5X7 I want to incorporate into my gallery wall. Fotoshoppe did an amazing job!

+ I'm working on my gallery wall. I can't decide if I want to do a mixed style of frames or matching. Anyone have any thoughts they'd like to share? I finally ordered a few pictures to put this together. Now to decide on the frames.. decisions decisions... I like these inspirations below.

Or pick a color scheme that ties all of the frames together

+ I planted some pansies around our new concrete border. I also planted in my planters to move to the front after I take down my Christmas decorations. I'm kinda loving them! If you had told me 5.. even 2 years ago that I would be planting flowers and actually enjoying it.. well I would have laughed in your face!

+ I'm counting down the days until I buy our sweet dog her Christmas treats! Yes.. she gets her own Christmas cookies! I buy all over her treats from Woof Gang Bakery. There is one near my office. They have the cutest decorated cookies and cakes. I also got her birthday cake from there.. she loved it! See below from May.

Happy Friday! Have a good weekend and enjoy some Christmas cocktails!

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday- AKA My Weekend Recap..

Happy Thursday  Lovies! I'm determind to catch up on blogging before Christmas hits us.. So sorry I'm behind but so my thoughts this Thursday are my weekend recap!

Our company gives us a day of purpose to use whenever throughout the year. Well I hadn't used mine yet so I decided to take Monday the 8th off. So I had a nice long weekend!

Friday night we attended the Hub's grandfather's wife's (get all that?!) 75th surprise birthday party! She was shocked. It was very sweet! We had some good food. And I suck at remembering to take any pictures! These were stolen from my MIL's facebook. Sadly none of me and my Hubs. Oh well!

She makes 75 look good!

Saturday I joined one of my favs for brunch, mimosas, girl talk, and shopping! It was soo good to catch up with her. Here is some silly fun we had shopping around.

A little Christmas tree for your head!

I loved the mistletoe headband!

We were looking at nutcrackers and these made me smile!

I was too lazy to wash my hair for our morning out so I decided it was the perfect time to sport my new hat! I love hats! I seriously would love to live in London. If I thought I could have gotten away without everyone hating me I would have made it mandatory to wear hats my wedding and wedding events! Please excuse the messy bathroom.. real life here! 

Sunday we had our annual family Christmas with my friends. We had appetizers and our white elephant exchange. Again I suck at taking pictures. The host is supposed to be sending me our pictures. So maybe I can post those soon. We have so much fun! The gift exchange is always hilarious! There are several items that are still being passed around- almost 7 years going!

Monday was my day of purpose and I had planned lunch and errands with my Mom. Well life takes some crazy turns sometimes. My aunt's MIL passed away. She was 87. She lived a good life but it was still sad. I attended the services on Monday with my family. I guess the day was intended for an even greater purpose.

I hope everyone is having a great week!

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