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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thoughts/Confessions This Thursday

Hello Lovies!

Yes, I am alive over here. Sleep deprived.. oh so sleep deprived but alive. Both boys have had ear infections. Cameron is now on his 2nd round to try to clear it up. Both are taking turns wanting to party all night. One day they will sleep.. hopefully.

+ I'm in complete DENIAL that my kiddos are 9 months today. I mean how the heck did that happen?

+ One of my husbands friends growing up was in a horrible car accident. He's hanging on but barely. It really makes you stop and think about life and how short it can be. Prayers please for his recovery- he has two little girls.

+ Who has time to shop? Momma needs some new clothes and I don't have the time (or $$ really). How do other Mommas get this accomplished? I apparently have zero skills at successfully shopping online. Other thoughts.. tips?

+ How in the heck do you get your babies to feed themselves? Their little pincher skills are there. They pick up the food, play with it, look at me, smile and promptly throw it all on the floor. I mean really?! Suggestions are appreciated!!

+ I'm getting lazy making food for the boys. I've made all their pureed food. Some days they are still ok with purees and other they want my food. And not to mention.. they are eating like crazy! Sigh.. if you need me i'll be in the kitchen.

+ I haven't cooked a SINGLE meal for my and Hubs in forever! The boys food, attempting to keep up a house, and work has taken priority. One day.. Thank you Lord for my sweet Momma and her cooking for us or we might have starved by now.

+ I've been secretly eating ice cream and other sweets at work so the boys won't see me eating it. They want whatever we are eating and I've been sharing but I don't want them eating ice cream yet. So I hide..

+ My Hubs and I both really want to move. We don't agree on where. The beach? Build? Neighborhood? I want to be in a neighborhood and would love to stay in ours but can't really afford it.  He would love to move to the beach or in the country. The beach wouldn't be so bad except for the whole we both need jobs scenario. The country sounds miserable to me!

+ I chopped fresh onions last night to freeze and OMG.. my house reeks!!! Any ideas on how to get this smell out of my house asap?!

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Monday, June 6, 2016

8 Months!

This is a week late.. Oops! My little monkeys are 8 months old! It's been a crazy month but can't believe how much they have changed. Cameron is crawling and into EVERYTHING! Bennett is working on sitting up and is pissed his brother is mobile and he isn't. It's quite funny to watch some days. Love these boys to the moon and back!!


Weight/Height from 3/31/16 appointment: You weigh 16lb 13.4oz . You are 27 inches tall. I'm guessing you're close to 20lbs now and who knows how tall. 

Sleep: You are sleeping like a champ for the most part. I think you're awake more than I think but you are oh so nice to Mommy and stay quiet. You usually wake around 6:15 and coo and talk until I come and get you around 6:45. You seem to like you time stretching and talking in the mornings. 

Clothes and Diaper Size: Most clothes are 9 months- 12 months. All sleepers are 12 months now. You are in size 3 diapers.

Diet: Formula and purees. We've tried chicken, pineapple, eggs, bread, and I can't even remember what else. You love it ALL!

Products We Love: Phil and Ted's Lobster chairs.. seriously! BEST THINGS EVER!! And no they didn't sponsor this but seriously.. buy one of these! Still love Sophie and your lovie.

Milestones: You said Mama on Saturday (5/28/16) and seriously melted my heart!! You patty cake and giggle non stop. You roll ever where and can reach like no one's business. You can sit up for a few seconds on your own and the realize no one is holding you and fall over. 

Likes: Your brother being silly or crying- you think it's the funniest thing ever! Being sang to, talked to, or patty cake. Mommy smiling at you. You also like stealing your brother's toy or pulling his wubanub out of his mouth- then laughing. 

Dislikes: Being held too long. You definitely like to stretch out and be free. You're starting to dislike not being able to be as mobile and sit up like your brother. I think you get frustrated that you can't do it all just yet. 

Weight/Height from 3/31/16 appointment: You weigh 17lbs 15oz. You are 27 inches tall. I'm betting you're over 20lbs at this point and who knows how tall. 

Sleep: Sleep for you is hit or miss. You go for a week or two sleeping completely through the night- it was glorious! Then you've had some teething issues and allergies and they have thrown our peaceful nights sleep into complete choas!

Clothes and Diaper Size: Wearing 9 months-12 months now.  Sleepers are size 12 months. Size 3 diapers.

Diet: Formula and purees. You've started to somewhat like food better. You have also tried chicken, pineapple,eggs, bread and more things I can't remember at the moment. Seem to like it all ok.. but you always PREFER the fruits. I think you have a sweet tooth like your Mommy. You've learned I hold the fruits until the end and will reach and yell for it. You can suck down an entire fruit pouch in no time flat. 

Products We Love: Phil and Ted's Lobster chairs.. seriously! BEST THINGS EVER!! And no they didn't sponsor this but seriously.. buy one of these! Still love Sophie. Anything you can chew on you like.

Milestones: You can sit up like a champ. Started crawling and are into EVERYTHING! You have like 8 teeth kid! Crazy!!! You also disappeared for a few while I was packing us up for the weekend. I swear I'm not ready for this stage!

Likes: Standing up assisted. Still love bouncing and trying to get into anything you're not supposed to like cords, magazines, phones, and tv remotes. Attention. If you're not getting it you will yell or fake cough. 

Dislikes: Laying down or anywhere where you can't see everything, not getting attention when you want it and being hungry.

You've both already had multiple beach trips. You're definitely good travel babies and love the beach! Hopefully these will both continue to be true! 

Love these boys more than they will ever know! Still in shock they are 8 months. I know I say this every month but it's soo true!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Five on Friday..

It's sad that I've been counting down until Friday on a 4 day work week. Between 2 sick babies, a sick Mommy, and being out of town the past 2 weekends.. I'm SERIOUSLY looking forward to a weekend at home. Hopefully everyone will be on the mend and a productive weekend. Here are my 5 thoughts for the week...

+ I'm just being honest but I don't get the off the shoulder tops. I do think they look cute on others but they aren't comfortable to me. I feel awkward in them. Maybe this is a sign that I'm getting old?!

+ Everyone and their brother keeps asking me if I'm on snapchat.. I haven't mastered instagram yet. Anyone want to give me a tutorial for dummy's real quick?
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+ My beach bag ripped this weekend :(. I've had it for probably 4 years so I've gotten my money's worth. I had a scout deano bag. Now decisions.. what to get this time? Another deano bag?- I like that I can pile a BUNCH of stuff in there (hence probably the rip) and that's it waterproof. I don't like that the straps tend to be on the short side and that they aren't any inside pockets. I've considered the bj style and even this Hayden Reis Ditty Tote. Not sure if I'm in love with the colors/designs of the bags this year. I've heard so many good things about the Hayden Reis Bag because it's made of sailcloth hence no more rips but I just don't love the patterns. I need to love it for this price. I wanted a nautical theme of colors- not necessarily nautical patterns but navy, red, blue.. you get the idea. Thoughts? Others to consider? I would GREATLY appreciate it!


+ I'm already in planning mode for the boys 1st birthday party. I'm going with a Dr. Seuss- thing 1 thing 2 theme. Any ideas for activities for babies for a party? I have no clue how to entertain babies for a party so any input or ideas would be appreciated! It's going to be on October 1st so the weather is debatable temperature wise here in NC. Thanks in advance!

+ Happy National Donut Day! Click here to see where you can get free donuts. As if I need a reason to eat donuts.. Ha! Happy FRIDAY!!!

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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Thoughts on Another Baby..

So I started on this post 2 months ago and never finished it. This is where I was at the moment. I seriously was ready to have another one like yesterday..

Yes I know.. my boys are only 6 months old but I can't help but wonder if our little family is complete. My Hubs is totally adamant that we are dunzo. I mean I did agree when we FINALLY had a viable pregnancy that this was it. I did agree especially after twins that we would definitely be done. I didn't want to put myself through all that heartbreak and stress again. Well friends.. now I'm just not so sure. Once I held those sweet little faces, everything was totally worth it! So much that you forget all the pain and suffering and just remember that amazing feeling. I still-- hold those sometimes screaming babies and I think- How did I get this lucky? And somehow I have this wondering feeling of.. what about one more?! I'm not saying my boys aren't amazing. They are my greatest, best, miracles from God! No doubt. I'm not saying they don't make me feel like a complete Mommy but I'm just sure I want to be done with a sweet baby. They are growing WAY too fast! Maybe it's just me longing to keep them babies. Maybe it's just me loving the baby stage and already mourning 6 months gone but friends.. I'm thinking hard about this.

Now I'm 8 months removed and slightly different. I still wonder if our family is complete. I ALWAYS said I wanted two babies. I completely agreed that we would not have any more when finding out we were having twins. I think part of my longing is because my delivery was such a haze. I don't remember holding my babies for the first time or getting much time with them. Breast feeding didn't go as I had hoped because my body lost so much blood it just couldn't produce. Part of me feels like I lost so much precious time that I will never get back. My boys are all I ever could have dreamed of and I'm so grateful for them. I think I'm FINALLY seeing that it's not necessarily another baby I'm wanting is that I'm longing for the time I missed out on. I can't change the past but I can savor every precious moment with my babies that I can. I still don't take as many pictures I sometimes wish but I definitely live in the moments so that's all I can ask for. I've decided I won't be running to my doctor asking for IUI's or tests. I won't be trying but if God decides it's in his plan.. I won't be upset. I will be overly grateful for his wonderful gift. If it doesn't happen.. it's just not his plan and I finally THINK I'm ok with that. I may change my mind in 2 more months..:) We shall see!

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