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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thoughts/Confessions This Thursday

Hello Lovies!

Yes, I am alive over here. Sleep deprived.. oh so sleep deprived but alive. Both boys have had ear infections. Cameron is now on his 2nd round to try to clear it up. Both are taking turns wanting to party all night. One day they will sleep.. hopefully.

+ I'm in complete DENIAL that my kiddos are 9 months today. I mean how the heck did that happen?

+ One of my husbands friends growing up was in a horrible car accident. He's hanging on but barely. It really makes you stop and think about life and how short it can be. Prayers please for his recovery- he has two little girls.

+ Who has time to shop? Momma needs some new clothes and I don't have the time (or $$ really). How do other Mommas get this accomplished? I apparently have zero skills at successfully shopping online. Other thoughts.. tips?

+ How in the heck do you get your babies to feed themselves? Their little pincher skills are there. They pick up the food, play with it, look at me, smile and promptly throw it all on the floor. I mean really?! Suggestions are appreciated!!

+ I'm getting lazy making food for the boys. I've made all their pureed food. Some days they are still ok with purees and other they want my food. And not to mention.. they are eating like crazy! Sigh.. if you need me i'll be in the kitchen.

+ I haven't cooked a SINGLE meal for my and Hubs in forever! The boys food, attempting to keep up a house, and work has taken priority. One day.. Thank you Lord for my sweet Momma and her cooking for us or we might have starved by now.

+ I've been secretly eating ice cream and other sweets at work so the boys won't see me eating it. They want whatever we are eating and I've been sharing but I don't want them eating ice cream yet. So I hide..

+ My Hubs and I both really want to move. We don't agree on where. The beach? Build? Neighborhood? I want to be in a neighborhood and would love to stay in ours but can't really afford it.  He would love to move to the beach or in the country. The beach wouldn't be so bad except for the whole we both need jobs scenario. The country sounds miserable to me!

+ I chopped fresh onions last night to freeze and OMG.. my house reeks!!! Any ideas on how to get this smell out of my house asap?!

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