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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thoughts and Rambles this Thursday

Happy Friday EVE Lovies!

Another week is almost behind us and the weather around NC is absolutely gorgeous! Summer is around the corner and I couldn't be more excited!

+ I'm sad and down right sickened to hear that Jess had to cancel Confessional Thursday due to some psycho stealing her personal information and passing it off as her own. I mean really?! I need to figure out this watermark of personal picture thing.. pronto!

+ I've had all intentions of posting about the boys' baptism (which went so smoothly by the way) but my lovely computer has decided it doesn't want to work. I'm currently typing this via my work computer.. SHHHH! So hopefully soon I'll get this thing back up and running or I'll be throwing it out our two story window.. truth!

+ I'm sorta annoyed at my Hubby.. I don't usually post or say things like this but it's true. My one wish for my first Mother's Day was for the day to be relaxing and not a marathon of food, driving all around, and constant going. He doesn't think that is going to happen. To say I'm upset.. is maybe an understatement. I understand he wants to honor is mother, step mother, and my mother as well but can't we all get one day? Maybe space it out? IDK.. sigh.. How do you handle all the families on events/holidays?

+ My Hubs has wanted to move to blue water basically sent the moment we were married. I've adamantly refused until last night. I said.. I will consider it. I think I'm just over the madness and want a change of scenery.. or something. IDK.. I'm having a weird week. It may or may not steam from the above.. Total game changer to my mood to say the least.

+ As the days are flying by.. I feel like I'm missing so much with my boys on a daily basis. I seriously pray about this every night! I NEVER thought I wanted to be a stay at Mom but I desperately wish I had the option these days.

+ I feel like I'm behind on life.. maybe that is what is up with my mood lately. Behind on laundry, behind on dinner preps, behind on cleaning.. I need to take a step back and just live in the moments. It's also kinda hard when you have 14 family members that want to stop by and see the kiddos with your only time off with them.

Ok.. I'm going to stop before I post something I regret. Sorry for the bitter.. debbie downer.. post. It's not like me and I hope to snap out of this funk! Friday is around the corner.. the weather is supposed to be gorgeous!.. YAY for the almost weekend!

Thoughts for Thursday

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Friday, April 15, 2016

Five of my Favorite Snacks

Hi Lovies!

Hope everyone is having a good week! Now that the weather is hopefully going to be staying warmer around these parts, I'm looking forward to getting back into some kind of workout/walking routine again. One of my biggest down falls with working out and trying to lose weight is snacking. After working out I used to just grab anything I felt like and sometimes that included ice cream, cookies, and other crap that basically just destroyed anything good I just did for my body. As I've gotten a bit older, I've learned to snack a little better. I was excited to hear that Nuts.com is looking to highlight bloggers' favorite high protein snacks. They are the perfect snacks to refuel your body after workouts and to keep you feeling full and satisfied- that's an important to me! Keeping myself healthy and re-energized is top priority when chasing after two 6.5 month babies! They keep me on my toes these days.

Dry Roasted Edamame- This is seriously one of my go to's. I keep these at my desk at work.
Dry Roasted Edamame (Salted)

-Roasted Cashews- These are great because I can just grab and go. They also have a spot at my desk.
Organic Cashews (Raw)

- Peanut Butter and Bananas- I started this weird craving when pregnant with my boys and I still love this snack. See my pregnancy craving post. I still love this minus the chocolate milk!

Teriyaki Beef Jerky- I will be the first to admit that I used to think that beef jerky was gross. I had actually never tried it when I said but the looks of it completely turned me off. My husband used to constantly talk about how great it was. So finally one day, I caved and it's really good. It actually is a satisfying snack and packed with protein. 

Trail Mix- I have ALWAYS loved trail mix. Even in college I would carry this stuff around in my backpack for a quick snack. I also love that I can just throw it in purse or bag whenever I just need a few bites. The M&M's are definitely a pick me up of chocolate for this chocoholic over here!
Harvest Trail Mix

What snacks do you tend to eat? I would love to hear some new ideas. Also check out nuts.com for their healthy snacks.

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*This is not a compensated post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Have a good day Lovies!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Warby Parker

Hi Lovies! Hope everyone is having a good week so far. I am here today to talk about Warby Parker. Have you heard of them? They make fabulous glasses and sunglasses for reasonable prices and donate a pair for every pair purchased to someone in need. I actually heard about them a year or so ago from Emily Ley. She had a pair of glasses on in an Instagram picture and I quickly asked where she got the frames. I had already decided after my eye appointment this summer that a new pair of Warby Parker frames will be mine. So image how excited I was when someone contacted me about reviewing their new sunglasses line.. ummm YES PLEASE!!! I was told at very young age- blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin.. ALWAYS wear sunglasses to protect my eyes. I definitely have taken it seriously. I love having options so checking out all these glasses was pretty much like a kid in a candy store for me! They have classic and fun frames. I like that they are just right hint of trendy for my taste. This is their first Capsule Collection of the Summer and launch of their annual #SeeSummerBetter campaign. It includes 6 new silhouettes and 5 new hues plus a rerun of classic faves done over in a wave of debuting colors. These are all crafted from premium cellulose acetate with flash reflective lenses. They're introducing an additional anti-reflective coating in color on the back of the sun-glass lens- for your eyes only. Below are some of my favorites from their new collection this year!

Topper 16- These are a classic style. I LOVE these in their crystal color, I think it's a fun change up and these go with ANYTHING! I'll all about something that I can go with anything. These would be especially fun at the pool!

EASTMAN- Another classic frame. What can I say, I'm a classic kind of girl. I'm loving the Belize Blue. Still goes with everything but just a fun punch of color.

ROLAND- I'm loving the clear frames in these and they slightly more retro but completely a fun little change up.

TILLEY- I love that these over-sized frames. The more they block out the sun, the better. They are slightly old Hollywood and right up my alley. I am loving the classic tortoise- like color.

HATTIE- The sand castle color is fabulous! I love the hints of gold and tans. They are just so different and unique. The fun frame is definitely retro but I love their slightly cat eye style.

and last but not least..

LOWRY- These are just classic frames that everyone needs in their closet. I just feel like over-sized black frames are a must have! They just go with EVERYTHING!

Check out all their new styles and colors at Warby Parker's sunglasses. I'm debating on which frames I should purchase this summer. I can't decide between WeltyWilderChamberlainTheo, or Orson. Which ones are your favorites? I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

Have a good day Lovies!

*This was not a compensated post. These thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Friday, April 8, 2016

Five on Friday

Happy Friday Lovies!

We have a crazy busy weekend ahead with the boys' baptism and lots of family time. I haven't done a Five on Friday in awhile and thought it was about time. Here are a few things I've purchased/debating over..

1-Resort White
These beauties came home with me last weekend. I've tried sooo many brands of white jeans lately and these have been by far the best fit for me. Even better, I had Belk giftcards to cover all but $7 of these! Score!!

I found these in the dollar bins at Target thanks to Cait @ Home Sweet Ruby. I can't wait to plant some herbs and you can't beat the $3 price tag!

This cover-up was delivered last week after seeing Caycee @ Hanging with the Hewitts post about it. I was totally down with the $12.99 price tag. I thought the fabric would have been a little thicker. It's a bit thinner than I would have liked but for the price.. I'm going to keep it. I don't see the point in spending a lot on something that is going to have sunscreen, sweat, and lord knows what else on it.

4-Shirred Band BottomShirrendipity Halter Tankini
Has anyone tried these Athleta separates? I want a tankini this year and I want something simple. If not, anyone have any suggestions on something like this? I'd APPRECIATE IT!!

5- Dreambaby Clip On Stroller Fan, White
These little fans will be perfect for the boys in the stroller or at the beach this summer. I'm DYING for summer to get here!!

Have a wonderful weekend Lovies!! 

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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Confessions and Thoughts for Thursday

Happy Thursday Lovies! Another week is almost gone. Here are my confession for the week!

I confess.. I convinced my hubby to do a mud mask with me last week. He would kill me if he saw this! He hid my phone and every other device that could possibly take a picture. He also complained the entire time but I got a good laugh out of it!

I confess.. That I have been thinking I want another baby. My husband cringes at this thought and is adamant he's done. (More on this another day)

I confess.. That Easter Sunday wore me out! I mean two families for 2 different meals an hour and a half away from each other in one day is crazy but with two babies?! Mommy was dragging on Monday! Even the sitter said the boys didn't act like themselves on Monday.

I confess.. That I've started to do dinner with girlfriends again during the week. It's both hard and freeing all at the same time. I didn't want to leave them originally but I think Mommy needs a break occasionally too. Plus it gives Daddy some time alone with them :).

I confess.. That I shed a few tears last week morning taking the boys 6 month update pictures... time PLEASE slow down!

I confess.. That I continue to eat like crap at work. I haven't been lunch planning at all and I just walk the aisles of Target and buy junk food. Someone please smack me!

I confess.. That I'm ready for the boy's baptism to be over with. I used to love events but the stress of cleaning before AND after is getting to this Mommy. I don't want the boys crawling or in their case rolling around after 25 people have been walking around my house. Just how it is..

I confess.. That a part of me is sad that we have started sleep training the boys. The night time feedings were where I got the sweetest cuddles and snuggles. Happy to get more sleep but sad that my babies are growing up way too fast!

I confess.. That I've already started planning the boys 1st birthday party. If the next 6 months flies by like the first, I'm in trouble! Ha!

I confess.. That sleep training is hard. Especially when my child screams bloody murder on and off for almost 2 hours. I considered dropping the boys off at the sitter and calling in sick today but I gave in and came in. I may or may not be asleep at my desk!

Happy Thursday Lovies!

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