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Friday, May 30, 2014

Hello Blogging World!

Hello world! This is my very first blog post! So my blog isn't exactly how I want it to look yet- I'm so not savvy at technology so that will come eventually. I have been absolutely dying to start a blog for a few months now. I'm always light years behind in technology- sad but true! I have friends that blog about their kiddos but I had never stumbled across how vast this community really is until recently. There are fashion blogs, cooking blogs, decorating blogs, life blogs, family blogs, and lord knows the list goes on and on! I doubt I will have many followers but I decided a few weeks ago that I was doing this just for me. Not for money, not for the followers, but me! I will admit- I'm horrible at grammar so please excuse my .. -- and horrible placing of commas.

About me- I'm a southern girl. A Wife. A Meredith Angel. A wanna Be DIY-er. A wanna be decorator. A wanna be gardener. A lover of fashion. A lover of yummy drinks. A lover of the beach. A lover of food. And a sometimes decent cook.

 I can't wait to start this journey. If you're reading this- Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time lovies- Megan