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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Warby Parker

Hi Lovies! Hope everyone is having a good week so far. I am here today to talk about Warby Parker. Have you heard of them? They make fabulous glasses and sunglasses for reasonable prices and donate a pair for every pair purchased to someone in need. I actually heard about them a year or so ago from Emily Ley. She had a pair of glasses on in an Instagram picture and I quickly asked where she got the frames. I had already decided after my eye appointment this summer that a new pair of Warby Parker frames will be mine. So image how excited I was when someone contacted me about reviewing their new sunglasses line.. ummm YES PLEASE!!! I was told at very young age- blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin.. ALWAYS wear sunglasses to protect my eyes. I definitely have taken it seriously. I love having options so checking out all these glasses was pretty much like a kid in a candy store for me! They have classic and fun frames. I like that they are just right hint of trendy for my taste. This is their first Capsule Collection of the Summer and launch of their annual #SeeSummerBetter campaign. It includes 6 new silhouettes and 5 new hues plus a rerun of classic faves done over in a wave of debuting colors. These are all crafted from premium cellulose acetate with flash reflective lenses. They're introducing an additional anti-reflective coating in color on the back of the sun-glass lens- for your eyes only. Below are some of my favorites from their new collection this year!

Topper 16- These are a classic style. I LOVE these in their crystal color, I think it's a fun change up and these go with ANYTHING! I'll all about something that I can go with anything. These would be especially fun at the pool!

EASTMAN- Another classic frame. What can I say, I'm a classic kind of girl. I'm loving the Belize Blue. Still goes with everything but just a fun punch of color.

ROLAND- I'm loving the clear frames in these and they slightly more retro but completely a fun little change up.

TILLEY- I love that these over-sized frames. The more they block out the sun, the better. They are slightly old Hollywood and right up my alley. I am loving the classic tortoise- like color.

HATTIE- The sand castle color is fabulous! I love the hints of gold and tans. They are just so different and unique. The fun frame is definitely retro but I love their slightly cat eye style.

and last but not least..

LOWRY- These are just classic frames that everyone needs in their closet. I just feel like over-sized black frames are a must have! They just go with EVERYTHING!

Check out all their new styles and colors at Warby Parker's sunglasses. I'm debating on which frames I should purchase this summer. I can't decide between WeltyWilderChamberlainTheo, or Orson. Which ones are your favorites? I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

Have a good day Lovies!

*This was not a compensated post. These thoughts and opinions are my own.*


  1. I just ordered eyeglasses from Warby Parker and I was super impressed with customer service and quality!

  2. Love the first two.