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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Finally a Thanksgiving Recap

I'm FINALLY getting around to posting a Thanksgiving recap. Ours was quick and crazy! We started with a Friendsgiving on Wednesday night. I mentioned it here. We all had dinner, drinks and some karaoke. We shut the place down.. literally! They kicked us out at 10pm, apparently they usually close 9.

Thanskgiving we had lunch at The Hub's Moms in Sanford, NC. After lunch we headed home to make another round of macaroni and cheese- you can find my recipe here. We then headed to Louisburg for dinner with my parents and my Dad's side of the family. Here I attempted to take a few pictures of the food and cute kiddos!

This is the best part of the holidays.. the desserts! I mean this is what I live for right here.. my heaven!

I am actually not a fan of turkey or ham for that matter. My Grandma always makes us chicken n' dumplings because I have several family members that feel the same way about turkey and ham. This was the only picture I was able to get and believe me it was scrapped soon after this picture. As a kid my cousins and I would almost get in fights over the last spoonful of this. All completely from scratch!

This cutie is growing way too fast! She is obsessed with jewelry and even after awhile of not seeing me, comes right to me. I think it's because I always have jewelry for her to look at but hey I'll take it!

This was her first Thanksgiving! A little chunk! I could eat those cheeks.. our family definitely has the chunky cheek gene.. love it!

I know I'm crazy late but I hope everyone has a good, safe, and yummy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Did I know you had ties in Sanford? That's where I am from originally!