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Friday, December 5, 2014

Five on Friday- Trying to catch up..

Happy Friday Lovies!

We really have had a lot of things going on. The holidays and parties are in full swing but here are 5 things that I've missed updating lately.

1- The Hubs was so excited to get concrete curbing and stamping done to our patio. He is in concrete sales and one of his customers actually does this. I am absolutely in the love with the curbing! The stamping of the patio I like but I thought it was going to be the same color as the curbing. Oh well.. the Hubs loves it and I guess that's all that matters.

2- We had a "friendsgiving" in Pittsboro at the Road House and General Store. It's amazing that guys that hung out in high school all still live somewhat close and hang out. Here is a little photo of the group.

3- My Mom and I had a little shopping spree a few weeks ago. I picked up this little tray from World Market. I love it! It's perfect in our butler's pantry/bar.

4- We have one spoiled dog on our hands these days. She wasn't allowed outside while we had the curbing and patio stamping done so she was a total inside dog (which by the way is not the norm!). She made herself quite at home and now whines to come back inside that things are done and she's back outside. Here are some shots of her hanging out.

5- The guys in our neighborhood all made a bet on Halloween night. No one would shave the month of November. They were able to trim for work presentability but that was all. If anyone gave up and shaved they all had to pay the others. Well everyone made it without shaving! They took a picture November 30th to see how everyone progressed. I have to say it's comical how my Hubs and some others don't really grow beards all that way.. I'm totally NOT complaining though.

Have a happy Friday and great weekend Lovies!

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  1. Looks like a fun week at your house! Love that sweet pup. I found your blog on the 5 on Friday linkup :-)