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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday..Target/Honest Co., Gout, Trying to Live Organically, Aluminium Cans, and Tricks!

Happy Thursday Lovies! I have some random thoughts today so sorry that I'm all over the place.

Is anyone else excited about Target now carrying the Honest Co. by Jessica Alba? I'm like a kid in a candy store! Check it out! I don't have kiddos so I was always apprehensive about ordering stuff from her website since I didn't have diapers, wipes and those types of items to help with shipping costs. Now that Target carries it I will definitely be checking it out! They don't sell everything in the store but with my Target credit card, I can get it shipped for free and 5% off.

I've been pretty determind to buy food and other items as organic and chemical/hormone free as possible. After the Hubs and I were married, he had a bad gout episode. I started doing research on things to prevent further flare ups without taking medications and found all kinds of things. The natural, the better! These hormones and artificial crap isn't good for anyone much less people with health issues. Until we got his gout under control we were completely a meatless household. The Hubs wasn't real thrilled about this but it's what we had to do. Now that it is under control we eat meat (probably more than we should considering) and I try to buy the local organic everything. It may cost a smidge more than I will have to say I've felt so much better overall. I haven't lost any weight (BOO!!) but I just feel better. When we fall off the wagon and eat out too many days in a row I start to feel sluggish and almost nauseous. I get back on my regular routine and I start feeling better. It's crazy but I swear by it. I don't limit what I eat (which I probably should weight wise- another story for another day) but I just eat the real stuff. No preservatives or hormones for me please! Side note- for gout sufferers.. the Hubs takes a shot glass of organic black cherry juice everyday. This doesn't guarantee that he won't have a flare up but definitely has improved his issues.

Our club has been serving beer in aluminum bottles. I've become addicted! It's the most random thing and maybe mental but I swear the beer tastes better in these things than regular cans. I would go as far to say that I prefer them in this over regular bottles!

Can I admit that I'm such a sucker?! I've been avoiding Target in an effort to save money. I wind up spending way more than I should in that place. Hence my proof.. Monday I ran into Target to get soap for the Hubs, a case of water, and Method shower cleaner. I came out with all of that plus what I thought was a killer deal! A table and 2 chairs has been on our wish list for our screened in porch. I saw and thought I couldn't pass it up!

This was in the outdoor clearance section for $40! Forty dollars! I mean for a table and chairs?! Who could pass this up?! I ran home and got the Hubs to unload it. I rushed off to make it to my yoga class. When returning the Hubs saw me and immediately started laughing. He asked if I realized it was just a table. Just a table?! Apparently I don't read very well but when the picture looks like this, would assume it was just a table? Leave it to me! So now I'm on the hunt for 2 chairs. Of course the matching ones are sold out online and at all Target stores- not to mention $110! Hopefully I can stumble across something soon for cheap. I'm such a sucker!

I've been spoiled by the extra long weekend last week. This week is dragging on. We have a packed weekend in store with family and neighbors! I'm ready!!

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  1. hi from the link up! Love the table story, sounds like something I would totally do:)

  2. I have to stay away from Target when I'm trying to save money, too! The place is like a black hole! Loving your new patio set, though :)

  3. I'm super happy that Honest company is in Target now too as I've been using her products since Brody was born!! If you think Target is your nemesis now, wait until you have a child!! It's a money pit!! Thanks for linking up!