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Monday, July 7, 2014

Food, Aruthur, July 4th, and Family!

It's back to reality today! Booo!! This is going to be a long post- forewarning now!

Tuesday night the Hubs and I headed out for a sushi dinner. I love sushi and could seriously eat it every day! I don't usually have to twist his arm when I'm not in the mood to cook and throw that out there. We ventured out to Sushi Iwa- it's one of our favorites because of quality and price. It's always BOGO.
Wednesday I was a bit "bad". I've been craving a peach milkshake lately. Chickfila has really good ones. I enjoyed this at lunch at my desk.
Wednesday night we celebrated Nick's Dad and his 60th birthday. I didn't take any pictures but in my defense it was a quick dinner. We are celebrating with a party this coming weekend so I'll be sure to document then. After dinner we were off to the beach!

Thursday morning Arthur decided to start making his debut. It rained off and on basically all day! We started off our morning with my absolute favorite tradition- Gulfstream breakfast!

They seriously have the BEST omlettes EVER! My favorite is the shrimp and cheese. It sounds odd for breaksfast but I promise it does not disappoint! Since it was raining we did another tradition-stopping by Island Hardware and tackle. This store has anything you could imagine! While there I discovered that Guy Harvey is now making more than just t-shirts for guys. I really liked the below shirts and suggested the Hubs purchase these. He declined solely because we're trying to save right now for a few things around the house. I might have to make a mental note for Christmas :)!

We lost power Thursday night- BOOO! Luckily it was late and we just went to sleep. We regained it the next morning. Most of the island had power- our tranformer blew so it was just a few of us that drew the short straw- Ha!

Friday was absolutely beautiful! We headed to the beach early to get in some sun (or for some of us tent time).

 Dad crashed under the tent. I think he likes his Christmas present from last year! The water was a bit rough but managable. We headed in a little early to get naps before dinner- that water wore us out!

Dad is ready to head to dinner in one of our golf carts. Carolina Beach allows these and it's awesome getting around town in this. It's perfect since our house is 4 blocks from the ocean. We just load this up and drive on down!

Dinner we headed to the Deck House- another favorite spot of ours! Here are some pictures of us at dinner- sorry the lighting is terrible!

Saturday the Hubs and I headed to North Topsail Beach to spend the day with his Mom and her side of the family. We had a few hours on the beach before coming back and cooking a low country boil. It was delicious! I'm going to bombard you with family pictures now!

The whole clan- Jeffries Family

The Hub's Step Dad and Mom

The Hubs and his Mom

The Hubs and Me

After leaving Topsail we stopped by Squiggley's ice cream in Carolina Beach before crashing back at the house. I adore ice cream- calories don't count on vacation, right?! :)

Sunday we packed up and headed home! We had a packed weekend but we enjoyed every minute of it! Thanks for handling this never ending post today! I hope everyone had a fabulous 4th of July!

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