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Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday- Confessional of 5 things

- I confess that I bought three boxes of cookies on Wednesday. I opened every single one of them and had 2 cookies each.

- I confess that I hate being late. I loathe it! I was late to my YPN meeting yesterday morning. It was my first time being late and I was mortified! Luckily no one seemed to notice but I have got to get up earlier next time.

- I confess that everytime I see a certain coworkers number pop up on my caller ID that I intentionally ignore it.

- I confess I still swear terribly! I have improved but not nearly as I should. I actually kinda enjoy it honestly. I feel like I've released tension and express myself when throwing around an f- bomb. I should be embarasssed about this but I'm not really.

- I confess that love the Kardashians! I know everyone says they are fake- I don't if they are. I know they are rich spoiled biotches but it's mindless tv. I can sit laugh and forget about the world. It's my guilty pleasure!

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  1. I confess that I probably would've eaten all the cookies in each package.. I've had such a sweet tooth lately! Not good for someone trying to be on a diet! Haha!

  2. I confess that I missed the kardashians when I was without a tv. Although, I would probably love it more if Kim wasn't on it, especially lately. Also maybe Kris...but would their be the Kardashian empire without her?

  3. I would have eaten at least one box of cookies haha and I'm always late, I'm that annoying friend!

  4. I love the Kardashians! Def. my guilty pleasure! ...And girlllll, I don't really think it's fake - I think they are that ridiculous and rich!