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Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Confessional

Happy Friday Lovies!

I'm excited to head to the beach this weekend with some of my favs! Fingers crossed the weather holds out for us.. rain has been predicted.. BOO!

Now on to my Friday confessions..

-I confess that I have not cooked one single night this week! This is a record and I'm kinda sad about this. I actually enjoy cooking but our social calendar has had us eating out all week. YAY for friends but BOO to processed food!

-I confess that at lunch yesterday after hearing someones table sing happy birthday, that all I could think about the rest of the day was a piece of birthday cake! That is until a co-worker had the same craving and brought mini cupcakes in yesterday afternoon- score! A mini one doesn't count, right?

- I confess that it took all I had not to buy some napkin rings at a cute local shop on Wednesday. I'm really trying to buckle down and start Christmas shopping instead of spending money on myself. I also confess that I might go back and get these said napkin rings.. still pondering!
- I confess that two nights this week I kinda failed at my new workout regime. Does walking around the baseball field count? Oh well.. I'm going to try to keep trying..

- I confess that I'm in desperate need of a haircut! This mop has gotten way too long. My problem is I don't know what I want. I also haven't decided if I'm going to suck it up and actually pay someone or keep letting my Mom do it. (My Mom is a hair dresser- don't freak! But she lives an hour away and well..is my Mom!).. decisions.. decisions..

-I confess that I'm obsessed with sushi! I could literally eat this every day of my life. I was excited that our friends agreed to a sushi double date last night. :)
Have a good weekend Lovies! 

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  1. This week has been rough on my exercise too. I blame our humidity. YUCK! I am a big sushi fan too!

  2. every week is rough on my exercise ;)
    I came over to say hi From a Blonde Ambition :)
    I am your newest follow

  3. I'm in desperate need of a haircut too! Probably nothing drastic, but my ends are so bad! And as a fellow sushi lover, I could eat it every day too!