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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday.. Shopping and $$

Happy Thursday Lovies!

Can I just say this quote is the story of my life..

Shopping is my happy place! Paying bills especially credit card bills are a far cry from my happy place. I swear every year I get older the less "fun" money I have. I miss the days where my entire allowance/paycheck was fun money! And the less money I have to spend on fun things the more fun things I find I want! Figures.. We're still trying to decorate and furnish our house. Overall I feel pretty accomplished in what we have done in just one year. On the other hand, we're so close now that I just want to be done so I can focus on more important things like shoes, purses, clothes and jewelry! Ha! Adding Christmas shopping on top of that.. stressed out! I also have no self control when things are on sale. I act like I've never seen a sale before. I get home then have buyer's remorse. Thank goodness I usually buy most things from places I can return. I think I get so caught up on I've been soo good and I just really want to treat myself to one thing and there is sale so I'm technically getting 2-3 things for the price one right?! LOL.. I swear I end up wearing the same 10 things ALL the time. The Hubs doesn't understand. He has a closet full of nice clothes and he's done. He could careless about getting anything else unless a hole rips into them or a stain. I stand in my closet in a daze saying I have nothing to wear and he thinks I've lost my mind. It also doesn't help that any normal day I wait until the last possible minute to get ready. I'm then running around like a chicken with it's head cut off throwing together the first thing I see. If I planned more carefully this might also help me but it's just easier to buy new stuff than think too much! See I really need help!

I bought these shoes at Target.
They look just as cute as the TOMS. I dared to officially try on the TOMS today at Nordstrom.. OMG TOMS are a million times more comfortable!
TOMS 'Desert' Wedge Bootie (Women)
Granted they are $50 more but I think that's worth it in comfort. Decisions.. decisions.. I should have NEVER tried on the TOMS! Anyone have any thoughts on what I should do? Stay with the Target ones or splurge on the TOMS?

Thoughts for Thursday
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  1. Stopping by from the link up.... I love, love, love my TOMS and wear them almost daily.... they are the best walking shoes... I would say splurge BUT they do go on sale. I use the regular ones though- haven't tried the wedges!

    <3 Sarita www.itsagirlgirlworld.blogspot.com