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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Happy Tuesday Lovies!

We've been procrastinating buying a new vaccum cleaner for awhile now. Last year when I took my 30 something year old Rainbow to be serviced, the guy told me it was on it's last leg. I had noticed it wasn't picking up as good as it used to. This Rainbow lasted through my mother and me and I figured it has been put to good use. I had added a new vaccum to my Christmas wish list, so sad I know! We really don't have the extra cash right now but Target has all their Dyson's on sale right now. Check them out here. I broke down and just bought one. I'll kick myself for spending the money later but I used this just on our rugs last night oh my goodness! I don't know whether to be excited or disgusted because our rugs look brand new and geez there was a ton of stuff in that thing. Now I want to clean everything! Maybe this will be some motivation. :) We went with the multifloor version since downstairs is all hardwoods.

Have a good Tuesday!

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