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Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday's List

Happy Friday Lovies!

The Hubs and I are headed to North Topsail beach for a family weekend with his Dad and step Mom. Hopefully we'll have some nice weather. Now to my 5 confessions/obsessions this week..

1- I confess that I'm deeply sadden by the death of Robin Williams. I hope this sheds on light and helps others struggling with depression. My heart goes out to his family and everyone that loved him. Since hearing the news, I've really wanted to re-watch "Patch Adams", "License to Wed", and "Mrs.Doubtfire" (my favorites).  RIP Robin Williams

2- I confess that I'm obsessed with Charlie's soap. We had an issue when we first bought our washer and dryer and the repair guy swore by this stuff. He says it helps clean out the machine and keep in clean conditon. It's great for allergy sufferers and chemical free. I actually love the smell too.. Not too much but just enough clean smell. Added bonus it's reasonably priced. I bought this tub at The Fresh Market for $14 and it lasted us at least 6 months (I'm not kidding!).

3- I confess I broke down and bought myself some shoes. I've been obsessing over these for awhile. I wanted to kick myself last year for not buying them. So I had them on my list for this year. I'm rough on shoes and I should never pay a lot for them. I know I shouldn't buy them but I didn't think the TOMs were that bad of a price. Well I was in Target (gotta love me and Target) and ran across these beauties! I had to bring them home. My feet are very narrow and I have a hard time wearing any booties. I actually think the Target ones will work out better because they won't stretch out as much since I don't have to untie them. The Hubs actually wasn't mad considering these were only $35 versus the $90 I would have spent on the TOMs. :)

4- I confess I'm ready for fall. I was dreaming about fall/Halloween decor last week. I even started to look to see when mums are available for purchase. This year has flown by so I'm sure they'll be available before I know it!

5- I confess that I finally bought my first Christmas present. I'm behind on my normal standards but I'm excited to get the ball rolling. Only 19 more Fridays until Christmas.. you're welcome!

Christmas Shopping
Have a Fabulous Weekend Lovies!

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  1. Those were/are my favourite RW movies, too. Have a great weekend.

  2. I think it's been amazing to see the effect that Robin William's death has had on people. You just never know what goes on behind closed doors. Its so sad. I'm always so impressed with the early Christmas shoppers. I can never be that ahead of the game!