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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday-I'm a hot mess!

Thank the good Lord today is Thursday! One more day of this week. I can't even explain it all but I've been a serious hot mess this week! I haven't been sleeping well and if you know me, you know I need my sleep to function. My allergies seem to be kicking my butt plus a minor headache. I just can't seem to get it together this week. I mean to the point yesterday I got to work and looked at my shirt sleeve. Check it out below..
I'm thinking this chocolate milk but seriously?! How did I miss that? I was so embarassed to be wearing that all day but I couldn't take it off. #1 my office is a serious freezer and #2 I was wearing sleeveless dress and the cardigan just made my look more professional. Well that is if I didn't look like a kindergartner after their snack!

I forgot to mention on my weekend recap that I got a parking ticket this weekend. I was NOT happy! There is a lot across from our favorite breakfast place. Normally we drive a golfcart and our pass makes our parking free. Well since it was pouring rain all weekend, the golf carts were not an option. I went to pay to park and the machine didn't want to work. It wouldn't take my credit card, ate a $1, ate some quarters, and then wouldn't give me a ticket to put in the window. Well after a few minutes of hassling with it, I decided whatever. I paid more than my $1.50 thanks to the machine eating my money and hopefully it would be fine. Well.. not so much. We came back to a $15 ticket. Fabulous! I was so mad I called the machine company and the town to complain to their voice mails. I contested the ticket to very quickly receive a rejection. I've also called both places with no sympathy. I know it's only $15 but it's the prinicpal of the fact.

I love how it says they have 3 photos on file. Well do you have photos on file of me in the pouring rain trying to pay your stupid machine? (Sorry- still bitter! LoL)

I attempted to go for a walk during my lunch yesterday. If the weather is nice and I bring my lunch I sometimes walk. There are sidewalks and a greenway near our office. I was dragging yesterday with no energy so I thought a walk would revive me... WRONG! It was 90 degrees out. I seriously didn't think I'd ever make it back. I came back more exhausted than when I left.

This week I seriously have felt like I'm in a fog or haze. I can't seem to snap out of it. We're in town this weekend and I hope to get some rest and reset. Happy Thursday Lovies!

Thoughts for Thursday
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  1. LoL. you know the post is going to be fabulous when it starts with, "I'm a hot mess." ha! I am too girlfriend! I've backed into my husband's car twice within 3 months & shattered my phone this week. ha! We all have our issues. Good luck girlfriend. Stopping by from the link up!