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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday

It's Thursday!

Next week is July 4th?! How did that happen?! Yesterday was exactly 6 months until Christmas! You heard me.. Christmas! My favorite time of the year!! I'm not wanting to rush time because I love summer and I haven't had nearly enough beach time this year but crazy how this year is flying by!

-I'm excited we are actually at home this weekend. The Hubs has already schedule tee times- he's ridiculous I tell ya! I'm hoping to make it to my yogalites class. I really love it! I hold all my stress in my shoulders from sitting at a computer all day so this class helps me stretch it out and work on my posture.

-I actually "made" dinner last night. I've been making BLT's and things quick and easy lately. So actually cooking last night really felt good! We had salmon patties, marinated collards, corn on the cob, and squash and zuchinni bake. I'll post some of the recipes soon!

- We are planning to go to the matinee on Sunday to see the move "The Jersey Boys".  My Dad is obsessed with this group for some reason. He asked for the play tickets last year for his birthday and for us to go with him. It was good but I'm not obsessed like him. The Hubs I think is equally excited to see the movie so we'll see.
 Jersey Boys (2014) Poster

- We've had all kinds of workers in and out of our house this week. A tile in the shower cracked, so they replaced it. We're also having a granite backsplash installed in the butler's pantry. Well of course receptacles were in the way so we had to have an electrician come move them, someone patch the sheetrock and paint, and now waiting for them to come back out install the backsplash. Why do things have to be so difficult sometimes?! LoL.. Hopefully I house will feel put together after all this craziness!

Thoughts for Thursday
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  1. Thanks so much for linking up! That dinner you made looks delicious. My parents are obsessed with Jersey Boys- we got them tickets to the play last year and now they're dying to see the movie. How is Christmas only 6 months away?!