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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday- Confessional

Happy Thursday Lovies! Today is my Friday.. YAY! I'm super excited to head to the beach tonight for some fun in the sun. Well as much fun as a very preggo person can have. :) I've seen a few of these floating around and thought I would participate. Here we go..

+ Can I just say I'm jealous that via the ultrasound last week and this week that both my boys already  look like their Dad. I mean I do all the work?!

+ I haven't wanted to do a dang thing but shop/plan/decorate for the boys. I am not motivated at work or to do other housework. I have GOT to snap out of it. I also need to STOP spending money!

+ I am trying to deal with my severe OCD/Control freakness. I know that once the boys are here I am going to need to help. I am going to have to let go. I don't even want people to help me decorate/shop/organize anything. I want to do it all. I didn't even let my husband wash or organize clothes. I wanted it done my way. (I was also like this when we moved). They say the first step is admitting your problem. I admit it.. now i need some help with controlling it.

+ Nothing pisses me off more than untimely people. I love my Mother too death but the woman will be late to her own funeral. I'm not talking 10-15 mintues.. I'm talking 45-60 minutes.. seriously annoys the crap out of me!

+ I also have to let go that not everyone is like me and most of my friends. I plan weeks in advance. I think you should respect others time and planning.  I also don't like waiting until the last minute. If I know your birthday is coming up, I'd rather have time to find the right gift and not rush to a store and pick up the first thing and be done. Just not me. I also don't like feeling the rushed/stressed feeling. Again back to my OCD.

+ My Hubs wants to keep the names of the boys a secret until they are born. I go back and forth. I don't mind it but I want to monogram things. If I monogram them then people are going to ask. We just had a lot of opinions and comments when we started discussing names. We FINALLY agree on some that we love and just don't want anyone to kinda ruin that for us. (Why do people do that?!)

+ Is it bad that I have only skimmed one Mommy to be book? I don't want to be clueless but some of those horror stories freak me out. I'm already dreading the labor and delivery part and I'm trying to avoid any additional anxiety. On that note, does anyone have any books that they think I just have to read before the boys get here?

+ I think I want a corset or postpartum belt. The chances of me having a c section are pretty high and  I've heard these help. I've also heard they help flatten your tummy which lords know is going to need all the help it can get. Does anyone have any experience with these? Thoughts? recommendations? I would appreciate it!

+ I need help on deciding on a rug for the nursery. I thought I was set on The Hudson Rug from Pottery Barn but now I'm worried it won't look good in their room. I can't visualize crap! I am worried it will make the room look darker/smaller. I need someone to tell this is the kinda of rug you need and point me in a direction.. sigh!

+ I've been terrible at responding to the sweet comments on my little blog. I've also been horrible at following other blogs lately. I gotta get myself together! I am grateful for the comments! I promise I will get back to you soon. :)

Thoughts for Thursday
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  1. I don't think it's a bad idea to keep the boys names a secret until they're born. And monograms can be fun and let people guess! :)