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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

26 Weeks!

how far along: 26 weeks! 
size of the babies: Size of eggplants!  
total weight gain:  20 lbs overall.. I'm sure that # will be up at my next appointment. I'm hungry 24/7 these days!
gender: TWO BOYS!!!
maternity clothes: 100% minus a few maxi dresses that are regular sizes. You will see me in the same thing over and over again now. I don't want to spend any more money on maternity clothes. 

stretch marks: Yep- on my hips.. boo!! 
movement: lately they like to kick each other. It's crazy to watch my side move.
sleep: Ugh.. lately it's been hard to sleep. These little rascals are ready to kick nonstop when I'm ready to lay down. I move around but it's hard to get comfortable. 
missing: Deli meat, raw sushi, and fun cocktails.

have you told friends/family: Yep! Everyone should know by now. If you see me, you know I'm preggo. 
cravings/aversions: Rice and beans from a Mexican restaurant, chocolate ice cream with almonds or blueberries, watermelon, and special K cereal. 
symptoms: I have to pee ALL the time! Heartburn at night can be hectic sometimes now.
cries: I seriously tear up at EVERYTHING. But manage to control it for the most part.

labor signs: No

belly button in or out: It's definitely poking out. Certain dresses or shirts you can definitely see it.

wedding rings on or off: They've been off for the most part. My feet and fingers are puffy. Bleck!
the hubs is: starting to realize that time is flying! Keeps saying how crazy it is that they will be here soon. 
babies are: weighing 2 full pounds each and measure nine plus inches each. This week their eyes, which up until now were developing under fused eyelids, start to open. Of course, there's not much to see in there (maybe their brother?! not sure how that works). 
looking forward to: our last trip. Traveling has become rough. The 4th I started to be uncomfortable and it's just gone down hill. This weekend is our last trip out of town and I'll be so glad to be around for awhile. 
best moments: Taking maternity pictures. Although I feel like I look huge.. my MIL did an amazing job. I'm so glad we documented these pictures for memories and to show our boys. 

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  1. You look great for twins!! One of my best friends had twins two years ago and she said after 30 weeks so was just so big and exhausted all the time. Have fun on your last trip!