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Monday, July 20, 2015

So far behind.. Weekend Recaps..

Happy Monday Lovies!

I never got around to posting about LAST weekend. I'm so far behind on emails, blogging, and everyday life these day, it's not even funny!

Last weekend we drove down to my parents beach house to meet my in-laws to take a few maternity pictures. I didn't want to spend money on maternity pictures but I did want to document this time in our lives because I don't ever plan on being pregnant again. Luckily my MIL takes awesome pictures and has started her own little side business. So win- win for me! Beware of picture overload- sad part is.. I didn't even put all my favorites in this post! I can't decide!!

On our way home last Sunday we stopped to meet some friends for a birthday dinner. Here are a few pictures of us. Love these guys!

Well.. this weekend was "family weekend" with my husband's Dad/step Mom and family. I didn't take one single picture.  Oh well! We survived and I'm glad to say good bye to traveling for awhile. We have plenty of projects around the house that I want to get done before the boys get here. 

I hope everyone had a good weekend!

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