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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Weekend Recap.. Beach Time... Food.. Decorating Debates..

I swear these weekend recaps keep getting later and later. Sorry about that! Until then, I'm just happy I'm posting these.. LOL. Last week was a bit crazy as I was in Alpharetta, GA for work most of the week. On Friday, the weather forecast for the weekend was so gorgeous that I just had to get to the beach. The weather.. PERFECT! Carolina Beach just finished a brand new board walk between the Marriott and soon to be new hotel (no one knows for sure but rumor is.. it's a Hilton). I was in love with the swing and could have sat there all day. I even took a selfie (side note.. I never take selfies!).

View from the swing.. breeze.. roar of the ocean.. HEAVEN!

This is one of 3 little covered areas. They did an amazing job with the landscaping too!

 A beach weekend always includes amazing food (even pre-preggo). My Mom's favorite place is Rucker John's (I have to admit it's my favorite too). They have the BEST croissants- warm and drizzled with honey. I could have eaten an entire basket of them!

We always go for the brownie sundae's too. I had told my Dad to pass this time but of course he ordered one anyways. So I had to have a have a bite!

 On the way home on Sunday we stopped at the Mad Boar for lunch. We do this quite a bit but we parked at the back of the restaurant this time. I've NEVER noticed this cute little fountain. Not sure why but I was seriously amused by him. 

While at the Mad Boar I decided to order their banana pudding on special. Ok.. maybe I'm just too Southern but this is NOT banana pudding.. This was vanilla instant pudding with some bananas, vanilla wafers, and chocolate chips. Anyone eat theirs like this? I thought it was weird.

Mom and I found this little chest at Home Goods at the beach. My Hubs was oh so excited to haul this home on Sunday. I love the size and details. Just not sure if I think it's too dark for our house. Most of our furniture is a bit lighter. Any decorating tips? Comments? Love to hear them. Still debating how I feel about it. Although my Hubs says it's staying because he's not loading it back up anytime soon. If it stays.. the mirror will be changed or at least painted gold. This is one actually a silver/pewter color. 

How was your weekend? I hope it was a good one!

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