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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

19 Weeks

how far along: 19 weeks! 
size of the babies: Size of heirloom tomatoes!
total weight gain: 5lbs overall officially. I haven't weighed this week. I choose to not weigh and leave that up to the professionals. :)
gender: Dying to know what these monkeys are! Countdown.. 3 more days..
maternity clothes: Yep. Already 100% maternity pants. Some shirts I'm now breaking down and wearing maternity. I'm also pretty much maternity dresses unless they are maxi dresses.

stretch marks: Nope. Starting to itch so I'm sure it's coming. 
movement: Random pokes and kicks nothing constant yet. I feel pressure and movement when I've eaten a lot.    
sleep: Sleeping is so so..I toss and turn a lot because my hips get sore or I wake up on my back and my legs are numb (fun times!). I also have to pee at least 2 times a night. 
missing: this week I would have seriously killed for a ham and/or turkey deli meat sandwich on the beach this weekend. Never thought I would miss those. 

have you told friends/family: Yep! Everyone should know by now. If you see me, you know I'm preggo. Can't hide the bump anymore.
cravings/aversions: STILL.. watermelon, ice cream, oh and golden oreos.. damn those things. I may or may not have eaten an entire package in a few days.
symptoms: I have to pee ALL the time! 
cries: I seriously tear up at EVERYTHING.. no major cries but some close calls.

labor signs: No

belly button in or out: In.

wedding rings on or off: Well.. I say on. My fingers have swollen a couple of times this week since the humidity is out of control around here. I've been able to take them off for a few and put them back on. Who knows how long this will last. 
the hubs is: not sleeping well. He says its just because but I think he's anxious about the ultrasounds on Friday. We opted not to do any early testing so this will check for any abnormalities. Praying our babies are healthy. 
babies are: six inches long and a half pound in weight each. Babies are hitting a growth spurt and developing vernix caseosa. 
looking forward to: Finding out what these babies are.. I just pray that they are healthy. I could care less what they are but just excited to finally know so I can plan and decorate!! I took Monday off as my Day of Purpose at Work.. my purpose is to shop for these babies!!
best moments: Relaxing at the beach this past weekend. The weather was perfect! Also only a 4 day work week this week and counting down until we know that these monkeys are!

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  1. You are doing amazing for only having gained 5 pounds AND you're pregnant with twins! :) Eeek! So excited to find out what you're having! It's such an amazing experience!