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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thoughts on Thursday- What We've Bought or Decided on So Far for the Babies

Happy Thursday Lovies!
In some ways these weeks are flying by but in others dragging. Like how I am 17 weeks already?! But the day that we find out seems like an eternity to knowing what these little monkeys are. Patience is not my strong-suit so this has been pure torture waiting especially when I'm DYING to buy stuff and plan for their arrivals. T minus 16 days!!

- My Dad sent me this picture this week (please excuse the messy garage in the background). I teared up.. figures! One of these high chairs and the little rocking chair was mine when I was little. My Mom is somewhat of a borderline hoarder so she saved a LOT. I do think it's super cool that my kiddos will get to use them. They are still in excellent shape. The other high chair that just so happens to match is from one my Mom's friends. She had it and her kids didn't want to use for their babies so she offered it to me. I am over joyed! Can't wait for our little ones to sit in these for meals.. well I say that but I don't want to wish time away either!

- I'm also planning to use my old crib that matches the above design for one of the babes. I debated this a lot and finally just decided if it met safety regulations.. why not?! My Mom has measured and checked it over and meets all the current requirements for safety plus its solid wood and metal. I plan to purchase either a cherry or white crib in the same design from Target. The color will depend on the genders. If it's two boys I'm leaning towards all cherry. If it's a boy and a girl I'm leaning towards the cherry and a white one. If it's two girls.. well I haven't decided yet because white is what I envisioned for girls so we'll see but for now below is what I'm thinking of purchasing.

DaVinci Jenny Lind 3-in-1 Convertible Crib
- I'm leaning towards the baby jogger city select stroller and adding the extra seat. I think this is my best option for adding car seat adapters and for shopping as they grow. I have pushed this thing around Buy Buy Baby several times now and I think I'm sold. I debated a side by side and jogger and etc. A friend told me she wants to sell her double BOB at the end of the summer and I can have first dibs so I think that sealed the deal on this decision. 

Image result for city select double stroller

- My Mom was so excited when she found out we were preggo and especially with twins. I had already decided on a carseat/stroller combo when I thought I was having one. Well obviously all that had to change but I found the carseats at Target a few weeks after finding out it was twins on major sale. My Mom bought them for us. So we have carseats all ready to go! We went with britax Bsafe. I liked that they are gender neutral since we don't and can be easily sold later. 

Image result for britax infant car seat

So for not knowing we've either bought or already made some decisions. There is a laundry list of other things we need to decide on once we know. Any input, comments, or thoughts would be appreciated. 

Thoughts for Thursday
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  1. I love that style crib! Weirdly my husband hated the style, so we went with something else. Just a heads up, I have a free coupon code for car seat covers from carseatcanopy.com on my blog today. I just ordered our baby one and the company gave me a code to give to friends to get a free one. It's 64BACC534, if you're interested.

    1. Sorry I'm just now seeing this comment. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. My husband isn't excited about the style either but since we have so many things already he's giving in.. ha! Small victories. Thanks so much! I will definitely use that once we know what these monkeys are.