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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

17 Weeks

how far along: 17 weeks! 
size of the babies: Size of my palms or a turnip!
total weight gain: 5lbs overall. Up 4 lbs from my last appointment. Bleck! The doctor seemed super pleased.. I cringed. Ha!
gender: Dying to know what these monkeys are! Countdown.. 17 more days..
maternity clothes: Yep. Already 100% maternity pants. Some shirts I'm now breaking down and wearing maternity. I'm also pretty much maternity dresses unless they are maxi dresses.

stretch marks: Nope. Starting to itch so I'm sure it's coming. 
movement: Last Wednesday I swear I felt my first official kick. I've had a few random ones here and there.   
sleep: Sleeping is so so..I toss and turn a lot because my hips get sore or I wake up on my back and my legs are numb (fun times!). I also have to pee at least 2 times a night. 
missing: Raw tuna/sushi and medium rare steaks!
have you told friends/family: Yep! Everyone should know by now. If you see me, you know I'm preggo. Can't hide the bump anymore.
cravings/aversions: Random cravings at the moment but nothing major. Although since Mother's Day and eating this delicious strawberry short cake, I have wanted one early night since.  Strong smells still turn me off of food.
symptoms: I have to pee ALL the time! 
cries: I seriously tear up at EVERYTHING.. no major cries but some close calls.

labor signs: No

belly button in or out: In.

wedding rings on or off: On. Wondering for how long though with the temperatures also getting warmer. 
the hubs is: Getting excited...Also counting down the days until we know the genders.  He rubs my belly every night and talks to them. It's pretty sweet. He's going to be the best Daddy!
babies are: the size of my palms, weight about 5 ounces each, and are developing some body fat. Their hearts are now regulated by their brains and beat 140 to 150 times per minutes. They are practicing their survival skills that they'll need a birth such as sucking and swallowing.
looking forward to: Finding out what these babies are in a few weeks.. I'm seriously counting down!
best moments: This past weekend was Mother's Day. This year was a really good one. Incredibly blessed!

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