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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday- Guilt and Randomness

Happy Thursday Lovies!

How in the world is it already Thursday and practically February!? Time PLEASE slow down!

Well I had this fabulous post I had worked on and I'm STILL having computer issues. I can't upload any personal pictures for some reason. My Hubs has looked at it too. I have a IT friend that I will just have to breakdown and bug but he's been busy with a project at work. So that post will be later.. This one is impromptu but it's real.

I've been sorta down in the dumps and having a little pity party for myself lately. Yesterday I found out a friend- my best friend's cousin to be exact- has breast cancer. She's in her mid thirties, a Momma to 2 precious boys, and raising her teenage sister (they lost their Mom a few years ago). It's aggressive and they are getting a game plan together today for treatment. I can't imagine what's she is going through. I pray that God will heal her cancer and give her strength to fight. I will also pray that God helps her family through this process.
We can do it - breast-cancer-awareness Photo

Later on yesterday afternoon I found out a famliy friend lost their home and all their belongings in a fire. Her three children were at school. She and her husband were at work. The fireman were able to get their 2 dogs and cat out. The cat required some oxygen. This beautiful home and life they had created was burned to the ground. In the end I know these are just material items but I can't imagine what they are going through. A friend has set up an online donation spot at www.gofundme.com- Her name is Michelle Chappell Shelton if you heart desires to make a donation. Anything will help this family.

So after hearing of two terrible things going on with close friends I feel guilty. Guilty of my pity party over here. I am quickly reminded of the good things God has given me. I am blessed beyond measure. I have my health and a warm home to go home to. With tears streaming down my face (yes I'm a basket case lately) I just pray that I never take the little things for granted and I pray God comforts my friends in their time of need.

Thoughts for Thursday
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