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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thoughts For Thursday- Blog Survey

Happy Thursday Lovies!

I know I'm behind on this but I feel like everyone and their brother is doing a survey so I figure I would join the bandwagon.. let's get started!

1- The furtherest place you've traveled to? Hawaii
2- Favorite website to browse when you're bored (that's not a blog)? Pinterest or Nordstrom.. close tie here!
3- Favorite movie (try to only pick one!)? The Help
4- What's on your bedside table? Glass of water, lamp, alarm clock, phone, picture of my parents, picture of my grandparents, and a picture with girlfriends.
5- Hot Coffee or Iced Coffee? Neither! I don't like coffee at all. I know I'm weird! I love the smell of coffee but I never developed a taste for it. I've actually tried to force myself and no such luck!
6- Favorite places to buy homegoods/things for your house? Homegoods, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Tuesday Morning
7- Do you have a blog, tweet, or instagram? I have a blog www.parkereverafter.blogspot.com. I have an instagram account @megdance01. I have a twitter account but I have never tweeted and don't even check it.

These past two weeks have been a crazy blur! Work has been insanity. I'm also not 100% from the dang flu the day after Christmas. I still have an annoying cough and low energy. My doctor assures me this is normal but I'm over it. I want my energy back!

I hope everyone is having a good week!

Thoughts for Thursday
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  1. Fun! It's great learning more about you!

  2. Love this! I still need to make it to Hawaii. I browse Nordstrom too but have to be careful because there is so much stuff I want to buy. My mom doesn't like coffee either! I didn't like it until I was in my 20s- I was always a diet soda drinker before that.