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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

October Photo Dump and 1 month

 Hello Lovies!

I'm going to attempt to back track and photo dump in HIGH HOPES of keeping things more up to date around here. To say that these past 3.5 months flew by would be the best understand EVER! These precious boys wore me out, kept me on my toes but are sooo worth it! I wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING!

These little pumpkin hat photos were taken on October 8th. My SIL brought them over and put them on the boys for a little photo session. I love how carefree Bennett looks in these. Cameron cracks me up because he doesn't look like he's sure about them.

On October 9th Cameron (right) found his thumb. On October 12th Bennett (left) seemed to have an almost identical picture! Yes- they are even wearing the same outfits in the picture!

They had their 1st Halloween! Our little pumpkins! Here are a few pictures in their snuggly little outfits.

Here they are at 1 month (10/30/15).

Weight/Height: Bennett: 1' 9.25" in height. You weighed 8 lb and 14.9oz. 
Cameron: 1' 9.5" in height. You weighed 9lb and 11.4oz. 

Medical Reports: Both of you seem to had some tummy issues arise after a couple of weeks of being on Similac regular formula. Daddy and I chose to switch to Similac for tummy issues. This seemed to help. Cameron- You would have what seemed like tummy pain and lots of gas. Bennett- you had lots of gas and constipation. Both were sad to see happening. We also switched your bottles to Dr. Browns. This seemed to help as well.

Sleep: Both of you sleep 2-3 hour stretches in your Rock 'n Plays. At night you sleep in them in your room. Since Mommy still can't get in her bed due to csection stitches and the height of the bed, I sleep in the recliner in your room with you. Most of the time we have to wake you to eat every 3 hours. Cameron you stretch and are ready to go. Bennett you stretch and poke your lips out. You eat on your time schedule.

Clothes and Diaper Size: Both of you are still in newborn diapers. Both are wearing newborn or 0-3 month clothes.

Diet: Both of you eat every 3 hours or on demand. You eat about 3 oz of formula. I gave you both colostrum that pumped for the first 2 weeks. You both loved it. I had hoped to give you breast milk as well and supplement as needed but Mommy's body didn't cooperate. My milk never came in. I was sad at first but you both seem happy and at the end of the day that is all that matters!

Products We Love: Rock 'n PlayAden + Anais Swaddle Blankets, Footed onesies with zippers, wubbabubs, and Dr. Browns Bottles

Milestones: Both of you are trying to lift your heads up. You both can follow voices and seem to notice when Mommy and Daddy are talking. Both of you found your thumb already! 

Likes: Both of you like to be held, sleeping, eating, wubbanubs, getting a bath (shockingly!) and car rides.

Dislikes: Both dislike being cold (aka getting out of the bath), stopping at stoplights, diaper changes, and tummy time.

Things I Don't Want to Forget: 
Bennett: You have the cutest little stretching face. You poke your butt and lips out. You have been a stretching machine since you've been born. Maybe since your brother was bigger you are happy to have room to stretch.
Cameron: You are my cuddlebug. You worry Mommy with your tummy and congestion issues. The doctors swear I'm over reacting but I hope they calm down soon. Otherwise you are most laid back baby. You have the cutest little chubby cheeks!

If you made it to the end- Bless You! I hope to be back with more updates soon. :)

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