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Thursday, January 14, 2016

December and 3 months

Hello Lovies!

December was a very busy month for us. Sadly I didn't document everything but here is just a quick glimpse of what we had going on. 

We attended a tacky sweater party at one of my besties house. 

The boys took some photos for Christmas with their cousin.

Bennett looks so adult here.

Cameron is intently staring at something.

Christmas Day was a whirlwind. My parents came for breakfast. My MIL, step FIL, SIL with her family, and step BIL all came for lunch. We were exhausted but it was a good day. The boys wasn't sure what was going on but good none the less. 

The day after Christmas we celebrated one of my husbands bestie's 40th birthday. It was a good time had by all!

New year's Eve was spent at the Carolina Beach relaxing. We were all asleep well before midnight. 

The boys turned 3 months on 12/30/15!

Weight/Height: We didn't have a doctors appointment this month but we are estimating between 13-14lbs. 

Medical Reports: Cameron- you started on Zantac and this has seriously been a miracle drug! You are soo much better! So happy we think we have figured it out. 
Bennett- You still have some constipation issues but hopefully apple juice in your bottle will continue to help you.

Sleep: You both have started to sleep from 8:30-3 ish. You eat and go right back to sleep until 6:30 or 7. Mommy is in heaven! 

Clothes and Diaper Size: Size 2 diapers. Clothes 3 months and 6 months items. 

Diet: We switched you to Target brand formula and you both seem to be fine with it. It's a bit cheaper so we are going to continue with it. 

Products We Love: Still loving our Twin Z pillow. Retired our beloved Rock 'n Plays this month. Still love your wubbanubs (Cameron has an elephant and Bennett has a monkey). 

Milestones: Cameron: You smile, coo, laugh, and are just the happiest baby (except when your mouth is hurting!). You hold your head up on your own and prefer to be sitting up. You are also trying to do sit ups on your twin Z pillow. 
Bennett: You are just now smiling more. You are pretty happy baby and are definitely a Mommy's boy. You hold your head up well but don't seem to be any in hurry to do anything else just yet. 

Likes: Wubbanubs, Car rides, Sitting upright, and being talked to. 

Dislikes: Stopping at stop lights and being held like babies.

Both were transitioned to your cribs and didn't seem to have any issues. We took away your swaddles because you both are wiggly and trying to roll over. Both of you are already showing all the signs of teething. I haven't seen a tooth pop up yet but I'm sure they will be coming soon. Mommy's maternity leave came to an end this month and January 4 she headed back to work. These were the fastest yet longest 3 months of my life. Mommy loves you both to the moon and back!

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