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Friday, January 29, 2016

Five on Friday- App, Shopping, Moving, and Smiles

Happy FRIDAY!!

This week.. AHHH...This post was originally planned for last Friday. Well the snow/ice came and well I completely forgot! So I've done a little editing.

+ I don't like to move.. like HATE IT! My office is moving upstairs. We were all supposed to be out on Thursday so they could move us on Friday and over the weekend. Well nothing EVER goes as planned. They have been moving us ALL week. Even kicking people out to work at home to get things moved. Let's just say we've been working but on moving and not actual work. I also have an issue of too much stuff. Always. I can pack anything into any space so that makes it so much more fun! Sigh.. so ready for this nonsense to be done!

+ Thanks to Jess @ The Newly I downloaded this little app. I have really enjoyed reading this quote and quick bible lesson of the day. I have really wanted to take time each day to focus on God. It has brightened my days.


+ I already bought the boys Easter baskets. I know I know.. but I was too excited! Thanks to 20% off and free shipping I thought I should go ahead and pull the trigger. We went with these in large and these liners. I really wanted a red monogram so I took them to one of my friends. I love the way they turned out!

+ I have scheduled the boys' baptism at our church for April 10th. I'm SUPER excited! I think my Hubs might be more excited about the cake we ordered but any who.. I am now on the hunt for baptism outfits. Anyone have any amazing online places or somewhere in the Raleigh area? I've seen a few here and there but nothing that has made me pull the trigger just yet.

+ Their future is so bright.. They gotta wear shades! Sorry these are gifts for the boys but I couldn't resist a little try on!

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  1. Babies in sunglasses make me so happy! SS loved them too! Nice work on the Easter baskets.