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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

November and 2 Months

Hi Lovies! 

Here is our November in review. The boys took their very first trip to Carolina Beach! Bennett looks hungry while Cameron looks terrified. This was their very first long car trip and they were troopers! We can only hope that they are this good forever!

 This was just too sweet not to include. They were snuggling and fell fast alseep!

We were ventured to the beach for a good friends wedding. It was Mommy's first outing. Luckily Mimi and Pops were more than happy to be at the beach house too and kept you for us.

This was a candid shot getting ready for our Christmas cards- your very first!

We also celebrated your very first Thanksgiving. We opted to stay in (per the advice of our doctors) and have family come to us to celebrate. You were the two cutest little turkeys ever!

Daddy and I thought we'd dress in you some game day attire. Duke won that day. Bennett- State lost buddy. Mommy was sad and Daddy was happy!

We celebrated our 3 year anniversary! Dinner and drinks and the Angus Barn. 

You guys turned 2 months on 11/30/15!

Weight/Height: Cameron: 1' 11" height and 11lb 12oz in weight.
Bennett: 1' 10.5" height and 11lb 7.6oz in weight. 

Medical Reports: Cameron: We have started you on gas drops in hopes of this helping you. You still have gas and we are now wondering if it's acid reflex. We are weaning you off the gas drops to see if we can tell your symptoms. 
Bennett: We have now started you with some apple juice in your bottle. Poor thing is constipated and cries when you have to go. 
You both got your first round of shots this month and took them like champs! So proud. Although Mommy may or may not have shed a tear or two for you.

Sleep: Still wake up every 3 sometimes 4 hours. We got the ok to not wake you anymore but you already somewhat programmed. We are trying the Moms on Call schedule in hopes of getting some sleep.

Clothes and Diaper Size: Both are wearing size 1 diapers. Both are in 0-3 months clothes.

Diet: We switched you to Enfamil Gentle Ease formula. You both seem to be better on this. If it continues to go well we hope to put on you Target brand generic soon. Formula is expensive!

Products We Love: Still Loving the Rock N Plays and Aden + Anais Swaddle blankets. We also love fun playmats. You both love to stretch out on them.  Both still love your wubbanubs. We also love our Twin Z pillow. I can now put on the pillow without you sliding down. Mustela Physiobebe- seriously the best stuff ever! It's like baby windex! Baby Jogger City Select Stroller- we got the second seat. Right now we're using the adapter clips for our car seats. This is THE BEST stroller! I would never be able to leave the house without it. It turns amazingly and I'm able to fit through aisles and shop like a normal person. Blooming Bath Insert- my coworker let me borrow this. It has been amazing! I can easily wash you in the sink and keep you warm and comfy too. So grateful she let us borrow this.

Milestones: Both like to be propped up with your Twin Z pillow. Both officially started to smile! Love baby smiles!

Likes: Mommy and Daddy talking to you. The play mats with lights, sounds, and movement. Both of you like the TV. Mommy is working on correcting that. 

Dislikes: Being snot sucked. Both scream bloody murder!

Cameron- you are turning into a little ham and love when Mommy talks to you or takes your picture. I love it! 

Bennett- you still aren't excited about pictures. You follow Mommy around and don't like it when I leave the room. Melts my heart!

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