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Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday Lovies!

Where did the weekend go?! I am super grateful that this is a 4 day work week for me. I'm ready for some beach time. :)

Our weekend was good but super busy! This Momma crashed at 8:30pm last night. Friday night was very low key. Household chores and baked spaghetti dinner. My Hubs LOVES baked spaghetti and I swear could eat it every night. Luckily it's easy.

Saturday was errands and then our super sweet neighbors threw us a Babies and BBQ party/shower. 3 of us ladies in the neighborhood are preggo. They are due early and late August. I was expecting a party more than a shower. I was SHOCKED at all the gifts. I swear we have the BEST neighbors EVER. Their generosity and kindness never ceases to amaze me. We are so lucky to live here!

Sorry the overall picture is upside down but you get the idea. BLESSED!

The hostesses with the Moms to be. 

The Moms to be.. We're having a BOY, a GIRL, and TWO BOYs added to the neighborhood!

My Hubs is a Duke fan. I'm a State fan and so are most of our friends/family so we have a lot of NC State hammy downs for the boys. This is their very first Duke anything. My Hubs was SUPER excited!

One of my sweet neighbors gifted me these coordinating outfits! I'm in love.. so something I would pick out. 

Sunday was a baseball themed baby shower for one of our dear friends expecting a sweet boy in July. Of course I failed to take any pictures! The menu was pigs in a blanket, 3 different types of popcorn, fruit tray, baseball cupcakes, and ice cream! I had to sneak out a little early to head to the next party of the day but I hope they got lost of good stuff!

Sunday afternoon was a surprise birthday party for my step FIL's sister. She is turning 50 this week. Again epic fail on the pictures. Being pregnant and tired doesn't help but I've always been a little slack with the pictures. I did manage to get a picture of this delicious and cute cake! Stephen, my step brother in law.. is that even a thing?!.. made. He's sooo talented! He makes cakes, floral arrangements (he did all our stuff for our wedding!), decorating.. you name it.. he can do it!

I'll be back tomorrow with a recap from our vacay/baby moon. Happy Monday! Linking up with Biana for Weekending!


  1. So so sweet that your neighbors had such a nice shower! Those outfits in the last pictures are adorable!

  2. Looks like a great weekend! How nice of your neighbors!!