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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

22 Weeks

how far along: 22 weeks! 
size of the babies: Size of spaghetti squash!  
total weight gain:  11 lbs overall.. EEKKK! The doctor assured me that I'm doing well. 
gender: TWO BOYS!!!
maternity clothes: 100% minus a few maxi dresses that are regular sizes. 

stretch marks: Yep- on my hips.. boo!! 
movement: still random kicks and pokes. the doctor said with two I have less room so I may feel them less.   
sleep: Sleeping is so so..I toss and turn a lot because my hips get sore or I wake up on my back and my legs are numb (fun times!). I also have to pee at least 2-3 times a night. 
missing: I really wanted a mojito at the Mason Jar Tavern. Oh well.. something to look forward to.
have you told friends/family: Yep! Everyone should know by now. If you see me, you know I'm preggo. Can't hide the bump anymore.
cravings/aversions: chocolate ice cream with almonds or blueberries lately. Still watermelon and now special K cereal. 
symptoms: I have to pee ALL the time! Heartburn at night can be hectic sometimes now.
cries: I seriously tear up at EVERYTHING.. no major cries but some close calls.

labor signs: No

belly button in or out: In but it's starting to look weird.

wedding rings on or off: Well.. I say on. My fingers have swollen a couple of times this week since the humidity is out of control around here. I've been able to take them off for a few and put them back on. Who knows how long this will last. 
the hubs is: trying to keep me calm. Childcare prices are freaking me out lately. He's also looking forward to our vacay/baby moon!
babies are: weighing in at a whopping 1lb. each and nearly eight inches each. Our little boys now have eyebrows, eyelashes, and maybe even some hair on those little heads (if old wives tales are correct then I'm betting one or both have some hair due to my heartburn lately). They can perceive light and dark now. They can hear my heartbeat, gurgling stomach, and the sound of my blood circulating. And as their brains develop they may reach out just to experiment with their new found sense of touch. 
looking forward to: Seeing the nursery come together and our many showers. We have the best friends and family!
best moments: Looking forward to our vacation/baby moon this week!

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