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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Weekend Recap.. diaper bank, church, and a puppy

Happy Tuesday Lovies!

Lately I just can't get myself together to do a weekend recap on Monday. Work has also been crazy and I'm heading to Atlanta for the rest of the week. Never a dull moment!

Friday I didn't come into the office. (Hence increase chaos yesterday). I volunteered at The Diaper Bank of NC with Young Professionals Network Spring Service Day. I never knew such thing existed but this is an amazing nonprofit. They were receiving their largest delivery of diapers courtesy of Huggies. We never actually counted but estimated over 400,000 diapers. We loaded our cars with the sizes in most need from their warehouse as they were being unloaded and to the center where they are packaged for needy families. If you ever get a chance to volunteer, this is an amazing cause!

Saturday we were in church most of the day because we decided to join our church before these babies are here. It was really important to me to have a church family. It was a rainy chilly day. We were able to have dinner with some amazing friends in Durham. My Hubs actually used to work with a few of them and has kept in touch over the years. Dinner was amazing and they surprised with a little gift. Hey.. we're going to need a lot diapers so it was much appreciated!

Sunday we were back in  church to be presented to the congregation to become members. It was a cold, rainy morning. So much so that after church we stopped by one my favorite local brunch spots, Lucky 32 before heading home and crashing. We seriously changed back into pj's and were lazy bums the rest of the day until dinner. 

 Sunday night we had dinner with my Hub's Dad and Step Mom. Well it was siblings and kiddos too! Dinner was good. After dinner a family friend brought over a new puppy he has just gotten. The kiddos were in love! Meet Izzy the Boykin Spaniel puppy. Look at those eyes!!

There is our weekend in a nutshell! I hope you had a good one. Have a good week!

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