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Friday, April 10, 2015

Diaper Bags for Twins..

Since the cat is out of the bag, I can finally talk openly on here. Since I don't know what these little monkeys are just yet, I haven't really bought much for them. I'm chomping at the bit patiently waiting to find out the genders before buying too much. So in turn, I'm considering things for myself to get ready. I seriously ordered 4 diaper bags to check out! 4!! I've had a really hard time finding diaper bags in person in my area so I just decided to order my favorites and then decide. I'll return what I don't want. My husband was super annoyed at this. Sorry honey, it's a girl thing!

I had planned to wait but Saks had all their Kate Spade bags $100 off! I couldn't pass up this opportunity.

Kate Spade New York Diamond Quilted Satin Baby Bag- I love how roomy this bag looks. I also love that it looks like a classy tote and not a baby bag.
  • 001

Verdict: I love this bag. It's classic, roomy, and beautiful. Still debating and hoping for input.

Kate Spade New York Polka Dot Francis Baby Bag- I love the polka dots on this one. It's fun and soo me! It's also gender neutral as I still don't know what we're having.

Verdict: RETURN! The fabric is almost like a hard plastic. Totally not what I was thinking it would be. It's going back.

Kate Spade New York Brynne Baby Bag- This one reminds me of the classic Kate Spade. Kate Spade became popular or known to me in early college. A few girls actually purchased baby bags as their book bags. I dreamed of the day I would have one of these baby bags for me and my child of course. :)

  • 001

Verdict: I like this bag too. A little smaller than the quilted one and it's also cheaper than the quilted one but at the end of the day smaller. Decisions.. decisions.. thoughts Mommas??

Skip Hop Duo Double Deluxe Hold it All Diaper Bag- I found this baby on pinterest. It was highly recommended by Mom's of twins. I love that it's a tote. It's not my long lusted after Kate Spade but I'm interested to see the size difference. My one concern is that it says it can hook to a double stroller. We are actually purchasing a tandem stroller so not sure how that will work.

SKIP*HOP® Double Duo Diaper Bag in Onyx Tile

Verdict: I don't hate this one but I'm not in love. I'm trying to be practical but my heart leans towards Kate Spade. Any thoughts? Verdict: I returned this one after I read the fine print that it only fit on double strollers. We have plans as of now to buy a tandem stroller so this one won't work.

+Barrington The St. Anne Diaper Bag- I've seen many people carrying this regular tote. I just discovered they make baby bags. I like that I can customize the patterns, colors, and have it monogrammed! My worry is not seeing this in person. I like to feel the fabrics, check out the size and etc. I'm also worried because it doesn't zip. I'm a clutz and I can just see stuff flying everywhere!

The St. Anne Diaper Bag

Verdict: Unless someone swears by this one, I'm a little too hesitant to pull the trigger since I can't return it.

If anyone has any person experience or input, I would love to hear it! If anyone has something completely different they recommend, I'm open as well. I'll let you know what I end up keeping or decide.. I'm so on the fence I've even debated returning them all until I'm further along. I'll telling you.. I'm a little crazy these days!

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