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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday

Happy Thursday Lovies!

Between this cold crap that invaded our house and the fact my office is freezing, I'm dreaming of some new soup recipes!

I will have to say I was pretty proud of myself last Friday. I was home running a low grade fever. I dug out some of my Momma's brunswick stew from the freezer for lunch. I started thinking about what we were going to have for dinner. I knew we wouldn't feel like going out and I hate to just pick some crap take out. I saw we had some chicken that I had cooked the day before in the crockpot with salsa for chicken tacos. I decided to try some chicken tortilla soup. I wait until an hour or so before we were ready to eat because the chicken was already cooked. I turned it on low for about an hour. I'm sure I could have cooked it on the stove top just as well but I wasn't feeling like standing over the stove. I dumped a can of black beans, chicken with salsa, frozen corn, can of green chiles, some chicken stock, cumin, red pepper, and minced onion. I usually always follow a recipe. This day I didn't feel like so I just dumped things in. I will have to say it was one of the best chicken tortilla soups I've made. We served it topped with some cheese and tortilla chips.

Tortilla Soup with Black Beans
Now I'm dreaming of others to make in the next coming weeks. NC is still teetering the 70/80/60 game it likes to play this time of the year but I'm just ready to dive right into fall! We're heading to the mountains this weekend so I'm sure that cooler weather will be just what I need! I've been stockpiling delicious recipes and I hope to try some next week and share my thoughts. I'd love to hear if anyone has any they love. I'm partial to slow cooker ones or anything quick and easy! I'm also hoping I get a dutch oven for Christmas so if you have any of those hopefully I will need those soon!

I'm also dreaming about some apple pie! I've NEVER made one of these from scratch but I'm thinking it's time I tried my hand at this. My old college roomie used to make us the BEST apple pies from complete scratch. She was an awesome cook and I miss having her around! Since we're heading to the mountains, I'm hoping to pick up some apples that will be perfect for this little craving! If anyone has a good recipe, please pass it along. I'm thinking of trying Paula Deen's version below.

Paula's Apple Pie Filling

I hope everyone has a fabulous Thursday!

Thoughts for Thursday
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