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Friday, October 3, 2014

Five on Friday

TGIF!! I've been swamped at work this week. I'm excited to FINALLY checking some things off my home wish list I posted about awhile back. Here is what's on my mind this Friday..

1- I found this cute little board at Marshall's. I'm loving the fact that I can add some pictures (hopefully I will get motivated soon!), post a little calendar, and knick knacks for us to keep up with. I'm still on the hunt for another one with mail slots and a key holder but hey baby steps.

2- The Hubs finally hung my chalkboard. I don't know why I've been obsessed with having one of these. I found this one at HomeGoods. I have had it sitting on the floor for a month now. Glad to see it hung. Now to figure how some cute sayings and things to write on it!

4- I FINALLY found some barstools. I ordered these from Home Comfort. I was so excited to go pick these up last week! It was nice to have dinner without banging my knees on the counter. I originially had planned to recover these in another fabric but after seeing these in person they actually match my decor quite nicely- score!

4- I'm down to 4 Christmas gifts to buy. I am hoping to get some more knocked out next weekend. I'm off for Columbus Day so hopefully that will be a productive shopping day. I love bank holidays! Only 11 more Fridays left to Christmas shop!  
5- We are headed to Boone, NC for the weekend with the Hub's family. I absolutely love the mountains and I can't wait! We don't get get to visit the mountains frequently so I'm ready to soak it all in! My MIL has purchased tickets to Oz Fest (I have no idea what this is but I'm sure it will be fun!). Hopefully I will have some pictures to share on Monday!

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  1. Love the chalk board and the message board! We have one in our kitchen and it's the best!
    Go you on being so close to being done with Christmas shopping!! Can you come and do mine for me since I haven't even begun to start thinking about that??

  2. I should start our Christmas shopping soon. Being almost done before November is a good idea. Trust me, I worked at a Target on Black Friday.