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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mountain Weekend

Happy Tuesday Lovies!

I had planned this post for Monday but Monday was a HECTIC day! Let's just leave it at that.. Monday all around. :) So here's my weekend recap..
Friday we headed to the mountains of NC. Banner Elk to be exact. The leaves and house were just gorgeous! My MIL did an awesome job picking out a house. It was perfect! We especially loved having our own bathrooms and king sized bed.

We had dinner at Stone Walls. Let's just say HORRIBLE service and not that great food. I would NOT recommend this place.

We had several fire places which I loved! We had one in the living room, one outside on the wrap around porch, and a fire pit. We came back Friday night and started up the outside fireplace on the porch. We all sat around emjoying cocktails and chatting until some started to play cards.

Saturday morning my MIL had gotten us tickets to the Oz Festival. I actually had no idea what this was until the last minute.. LOL! It was a cute little park. The characters were awesome, I loved the lion! I will have to say it was FREEZING! I had so many layers on I felt like a snowman and I was still cold!

K decided she wanted her face painted like the Lion. They did an awesome job!

This lion was hilarious! His laugh was adorable!

 After Oz we had planned to cook hotdogs and roast marshmellows. The wind was a bit too much to do this in the fire pit outside. So we improvised and used the inside fireplace. It was perfect! I could have sat by the fireplace with my wine for days!

I will admit this is my very FIRST smore EVER! Not bad.. I would eat it again!

Sunday we got up and headed back home. We stopped at Tipton's BBQ on the way. I was in love with their brisket! So much that I had the leftovers later! Soo good!

And that was our mountain weekend! Sorry for picture overload! I hope everyone had a good weekend!

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