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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday

Happy Thursday Lovies!

This week has seriously been a fog- thanks allergies! I didn't prepare a post before hand so this is going to be very random..

I'm in shock that it's been 13 years since 9/11. It still feels like yesterday. I will never forget that eerie feeling of that entire day. I was a freshman at Meredith. I had just gotten back from my 7:30am calculus (I don't know what I was thinking signing up for this class!). I had fallen back into bed since I didn't have another class until 11. Our dorm phone kept ringing. I finally stumbled out of bed to answer. It was my Mom. She told me to turn on the TV. I did and I felt like this a joke.. a movie.. this can't be real! I walk outside our dorm and there are swarms of people! All classes had been released and would be cancelled for the rest of the day. We had barely been at school at month but we all huddled into the parlors and continued to watch TV. We all grew much closer that day. I don't think anyone will ever forget that day. My heart and prayers go out to the ones that witnessed or had family members involved.

I still can't believe Joan Rivers is no longer with us. That was one hysterically funny and crazy lady! Fashion Police will NEVER be the same. I also had no idea she was 81. I guess plastic surgery does work wonders. RIP Joan Rivers.. you will be missed!

I think I'm already in vacation mode. Well not give a d@mn mode is probably more like it. We're headed to Savannah next week and I am so ready to be there. Usually I'm WAY more organized and have a schedule and things all mapped out. Well I haven't done anything but make 2 dinner reservations that I made months ago. I haven't even looked at the weather. I've been kinda out of my usual self lately. I'm hoping these few days away with my hubby will help me snap back into myself, reality, or whatever.

Sorry this post is so depressing.. wow I didn't plan on going that way. Any who.. Have a good Thursday!

Thoughts for Thursday
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