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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Rant..

Do you ever have days where you scream at people all day? I had one of these days yesterday. Even though you're so annoyed and mad, it just feels good sometimes to get it all out!

1- Merchants Tire- Thanks for the putting the wrong weighted oil in my car. I really appreciate all the crazy check engine lights I've been seeing and scaring the crap out of me! Thank goodness my Hubs is great at car stuff. He and Advanced Auto determined that it was the wrong weighted oil causing my sensors to go off. Now if was just me, I would have taken this back and they would have most likely come up with some crap story and charged me a ton of money. Now why is it that car places see a woman and think- let's screw her over?! Let's just say I let them have it this morning. They quickly got me in and out of there without a charge or much conversation. I also informed them that I continue to have issues, I will be sending the bill from the next auto mechanic place.

2- Chrysler/Jeep- Thanks for sending me a recall notice that the ignition if tapped ever so slightly while driving could shut off the engine. I've had this happen twice on 540 and I freaked out! My Hubs and parents thought I was nuts. Well I'm not crazy but now you tell me?! Even better, I called the dealership to schedule my recall appointment and well ma'am we don't have the parts to fix that yet so just be careful. You have got to be kidding me?! So if I die in a car accident please sue the crap out of Chrylser/Jeep because didn't fix my car. I'm documenting this for legal purposes, kidding! NOT KIDDING!

3- Insurance Company- Why must you make things so hard!? I need a prescription. My doctor prescribed this- just fill it and cover it! I mean why must you make my life hard?! I have enough going on as it is to argue with you people. I pay way more than I should for insurance and if my physician says this is the medication I need and there isn't a substitute, just cover it! This prior authorization, filling out forms, jumping through hoops.. well.. is for the birds!

4- Work- Last but not least work pettiness! Every morning I make my breakfast and most days lunch at the office. We have a little kitchen with a refriegerator, 2 microwaves, a toaster, a toaster oven, dishwasher, and Keurig. I go to make my lunch yesterday and no silverware. It's all been taken out. All the plates, containers, and mugs too. WTF?! This office doesn't provide many perks these days and I just wanted a dang fork! I know some people are lazy and leave their containers in the sink for the fairies around here to come clean it up. I'm not one of them. I don't want the entire office punished for a few idiots. I found the items and put them all back. I'm sure I've ruffled a few feathers but that's my 2 cents on the subject. Life's too short not to have a fork! LOL..
I'm sure everyone is more than thrilled to hear my bitching today but it just feels good to type it as well. I hope everyone has a great hump day! :) 

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  1. Buy some plastic utenstils, put them in a box, put a label on the box that says "Megan's diarrhea medicine - Please keep at room temperature". They will never go missing.