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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday- A Love Letter to My Boys


One week before my birthday I found out I was pregnant. It was the best birthday gift EVER! I was nervous from the past but so incredibly grateful to be expecting you. We didn't immediately know that two of you were on the way. It was 6 weeks before the doctor told us the news. It took us by complete shock! From day 1 you've both been an incredibly enormous blessing and an adventure. We are incredibly blessed that God chose us to be your parents.

You were both very kind in that I was never sick a single day during pregnancy. But boy did you growing boys drain every bit of my energy! I also quickly started to not fit into pants. You wanted to remind me that you were in there. We couldn't keep the secret very long from close family especially since you both were growing so much. We told immediate family at 8 weeks. It took everyone a few days to wrap their heads around the idea of twins. Everyone was so excited but SHOCKED! At 12 weeks and Easter we started telling extended family and friends as we saw them.

At 20 Weeks we found out that you were two BOYS! Call it mother's intuition but I had a dream the first few weeks that it was two boys. We had a big ultrasound and decided to wait and find out with family the next day. Everyone was so excited! Your Daddy has still been a little bit of shock. Growing up with all women he can't believe he gets two little boys.

Time has really flown by. I can't believe your birthdays are drawing near. We have been so incredibly blessed and showered with love by family, friends, neighbors and even complete strangers. So many people have reached out with hammy downs, borrowers, and gifts. You are both already loved so much! Everyone is so excited to meet you! You both consume your Mommy and Daddy's thoughts for most of every day. We wonder what you'll like, who you'll look like, and your temperaments. Everyone has done so much to prepare for your arrival. It will be here very soon!

For now I will try to enjoy the last few weeks/days of you both inside me kicking around. It's truly been an incredibly experience and I thank God every day for allowing me this. Thank you boys for making me a Mommy!

Love ALWAYS.. Your Mommy

Lord, fill my little boy's heart with love for you. Matthew 22: 37-40
Enable me to place my little boy in the arms of Jesus rather than worry about him. Philippians 4:6
Help me teach my little boy that God is with us and we need not be afraid. Psalm 56: 3-4

Thoughts for Thursday

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