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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

35 Weeks!

Even my face is freakin swollen these days!

how far along: 35 weeks! (3 weeks or less until the monkeys get here! So ready to meet them!)
size of the babies: According to our ultrasound on 9/16/15: Baby A is 5lbs 8oz and Baby B is 7lbs 5oz.
total weight gain: Only 3 additional lbs this week. I'll take it!
gender: TWO BOYS!!!
maternity clothes: 100% minus a few maxi dresses that are regular sizes. You will see me in the same thing over and over again now. I don't want to spend any more money on maternity clothes. Plus some of my maternity stuff is getting tight in the belly.. grrrreeeaaatt.. I hope to make it through. 

stretch marks: Yes.. I'm now starting to see purplish lines around my belly button and various other places. Not cool. Is what it is though. 
movement: still very active. They stretch, kick, and move quite a bit. 
sleep: Ugh.. pregnancy insomnia is definitely here..lately it's been hard to sleep. These little rascals are ready to kick nonstop when I'm ready to lay down. I move around but it's hard to get comfortable. My hips are sore and getting up every 2 hours to pee doesn't help. My belly is now so big that the weight definitely pulls at my hips. My snuggle pillow is almost too big though. I've been flipping the pillow over and using a couch pillow under my belly. Bed time is an ordeal these days. 
missing: Deli meat, raw sushi, medium rare steaks, and fun cocktails.

have you told friends/family: Yep! Everyone should know by now. If you see me, you know I'm preggo. 
cravings/aversions: Rice and beans from a Mexican restaurant, chocolate ice cream with almonds or blueberries, watermelon, special K cereal, peach milkshakes from Chickfila, and sweets. I also started wanting chicken biscuits in the morning. I can not be trusted with sweets as of lately... please hide them from me! Oh my new obsession is bananas, peanut butter, and chocolate milk. My hubs thinks it's the grossest thing ever. 
symptoms: I have to pee ALL the time! Heartburn has made another appearance. I can feel the boys kicking my ribs so I feel like they are still head down but just getting longer in length. 
cries: I seriously tear up at EVERYTHING.

labor signs: No.. I might have possibly had a few contractions or braxton hicks over the weekend but nothing noteworthy.

belly button in or out: It's definitely poking out. Certain dresses or shirts you can definitely see it.

wedding rings on or off: They've been off completely since the end of July. My hands and fingers are so swollen these days they are stiff and painful. Fun times over here!
the hubs is: getting excited/nervous about the arrival of our little guys. He likes to feel them move all over every night before bed. He talks to them and they kick him.. it's adorable!
babies are: standing tall so to speak this week at about 20 inches and continues their steady weight gain. While they won't get much longer, they will continue to pack on the pounds-- including large amounts of baby fat-- right up until delivery day. Something else that's moving at a mind boggling pace these days is fetal brain development! There's a lot going on inside that tiny head, which is, by the way, still soft to allow an easier exit through the birth canal. 
looking forward to: meeting our boys.. I know I'm going to trade this tired into a whole different level of tired. I know I will trade this uncomfortable body in for a completely different uncomfortable but I'm kinda over being pregnant at this point. I'm only truly comfortable when I'm asleep and that's not all the frequent.  

best moments: Getting everything all done for them. The rocker/glider.. is HERE!!! My Hubs is supposed to go get it today. The sheets that have been on back order since June arrived yesterday. Everything seems to be falling into place. Now knowing there is an end in sight since we are scheduling my csection for 38 weeks. 

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  1. You are a machine!! Way to go! Looking good at the end of my first pregnancy all I wanted were sugar carbs!!