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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday- hormonal ramblings

Happy Thursday Lovies! We almost have another week made. They are flying yet dragging these days. I hope everyone is having a good week!

- This quote..h.jpeg. Totally summed up my job situation a few months ago. A few months ago I had a different team lead and a very boring sometimes nonexistent job. Things have been shaken up a bit. I totally regret my past complaints and long for the days I used to dread. Not saying my current situation is horrible but let's just say definitely not what I wanted to be dealing with this pregnant and about to go on maternity leave. I really should have appreciated my old team lead a little more.

- Today as I sit here.. I hear the humming of my mini frig in my office. It's quiet here today. A lot of people have traveled to Atlanta for the week. I stare at my very swollen feet and ankles. You could seriously float with these things. My hips are sore, my back hurts, and all I feel like I do these days is complain. Then it happens.. they both start kicking. Baby A out my right right side and Baby B pretty much straight out. It's still hard to wrap my head around the fact that there are seriously TWO babies in there. I've been counting down the month, weeks, and now days until they arrive. I think to myself.. I should enjoy this moment. So many women would kill to be me right now. A years ago I would have killed to be me. They seem to be very content inside and not ready to celebrate their birthdays anytime soon. Part of me is so ready to meet them and the other part is trying to soak up the small miracles inside me for a few more days. With the craziness of life I hope that I am able to stop every so often and soak up these little moments. The moments that make you appreciate this thing called life.

- I know the first few months will be difficult with two babies totally dependent on me. I've tried to mentally prepare myself but can you ever really fully understand until you're in the moment? I'm not looking forward to all the sleepless nights. I feel like I've read a good number of books, we've taken all the classes, and talked to various people I just don't know if any of it really prepares you until you're there. I guess only time will really tell but let's just say I'm nervous.

- If you've read all my ramblings today.. bless you! Can you tell I'm slightly hormonal these days? I just know that God put all this into my life for a reason. He decided to bless us with TWO baby boys and I will be forever grateful. I'm not saying it will be easy but I'm saying it will be worth it! I just have to trust him.

Thoughts for Thursday

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  1. Can you please do a quick post about the babies. So many of us have followed your journey and given you support and then....silence! Just a quick update for your fans!