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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday Lovies!

My weekend was good. I barely took any pictures. Friday we grilled out burgers and my Hubs put together our second crib. The one on the right is my old crib. The one on the left is the new one we were gifted by my MIL and step FIL. So excited that they both fit on that wall with lots of wiggle room.

Saturday two of my besties came to visit. We had plans to go to the pool but one left her bathing suit at home. So we had a wonderful lunch at the Mason Jar Tavern and chatted for a few hours! Love these girls.. it was so nice to catch up with them.

Sunday was our family baby shower on my Hub's side. My MIL had her friend take pictures so I don't have those yet but I did snap a few of the decor. It was super cute! I love the two monkeys. :)

We had our first birthing class last night. My Hubs was NOT happy about taking these classes. So far so good. They told us what to look out for in pre-term labor, labor signs, progression of contractions and what they look for before admitting you, and I got a massage! I didn't know about the massage part but it was good- courtesy of my Hubs. :)

Hope everyone is having a good week!

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