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Friday, August 14, 2015

Five Troubles This Friday

Happy Friday Lovies!

+Sorry for mostly radio silence over here. I had a teensy pre-term labor scare last Monday which sent my week off on a grand note. Thank you lord it was just uterine irritation and not pre-term labor. After some rest and a couple of days it has now stopped. Hoping these little monkey stay put for another 3 weeks or more.

+I missed a bestie's grandmother's services due to my issues and conferences calls at work. Work.. you know that thing that pays the bills but gets in my way. ha! She was completely understanding and insisted I not worry another minute about it. I feel bad but it was just that kind of week.

+My Mom and I stumbled across a rug on Sunday for the boys nursery. I brought it home and like it. I don't have my rocker and it's making my decision hard. My rocker will be navy trimmed in white (a horrible back shot of it is below). I'm worried it's too dark. Thoughts? Love to hear your suggestions.

+To make matters even more difficult.. I stumbled across this one this week. I like the brightness but it's the same color as my walls. It's also shaggy so I'm nervous how things will go once they have trucks and toys scattered on it. Thoughts?

+To end my week on a really GRAND note.. I called my HR to make sure they had all my paperwork for my impending leave. They have everything and informed me of my paid time off. NOT what 2.. yes 2 separate people told me a few months ago. I'm pissed.. livid.. scared.. and well NOT HAPPY! Unfortunately there isn't much I can do about it but I seriously sat at my desk at cried.

Thank you LORD this week is OVER!! This Mama is looking forward to her last baby shower, ordering our essentials, getting the hospital bags packed, and trying to relax! Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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