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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday.. Retail Therapy!

What does any normal girl do when she's had a bad day? Well this one shops! It's dangerous I tell ya! I've really been trying to buckle down and not spend money on myself or clothes in general this year. We just built a house and I've been spending most of my timing trying to decorate it the way I want it. I'm soooo close! (I still need to take pictures to share! I also may need some help/opinions on my last few touches.) I've had a mountain of medical bills and other things going on so I've just been trying to be good. Well I got a friends and family coupon from Banana Republic yesterday morning. Banana Republic has been my go to for years especially for work clothes. I have their Luxe card and luxe card memebers got to shop yesterday before it was open to the public. I immediately called to see if they had a vest I've been eyeing.. and THEY DID!! Off to the mall during my lunch I went. I also found a few other things to add to bag since they were 50% and I had reward coupons and all. They are offering 50% up to 5 purchases (can only be used one time) and 40% online.

I am beyond obsessed with this vest! the beige sweater is a great neutral to add to my wardrobe, it also has cute litte gold zippers on the shoulders.

The red shirt was $18!! It was on clearance. It has cute little quilted shoulders too!

I couldn't decided on the red or it's actuall maroon but it's photographing pink silk shirt. I didn't have time to try them on so I just bought both and I'll take the one back later.

I can not tell you how much I love this Sloan pants! I already own them in black, navy, khaki, beige, colbat blue, and emerald green. I was excited to add these grey ones to my collection!

A trip to Southpoint isn't complete without popping in the C Wonder store. It's the only one around- the other malls have pretty much the same stores but C Wonder is only at Southpoint. They had the entire store 30% and 50% all markdowns. I picked up these beauty for $30! Houndstooth just reminds me of Christmas for some reason.

I definitely should have been a little easier on the wallet but I think I found some great things and face it- shopping just makes everyone in a good mood!

*This is not a sponsored post!*

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  1. When I have had a bad day I shop as well. Usually online because it is so much easier and much more dangerous!

  2. Total scores!! I love the quilting detail on the blouse.

  3. Great finds! I like every single one.

  4. Great finds and great deals!! That jacket is SO cute!! A little retail therapy is good for the soul :)