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Friday, November 14, 2014

Five Confessions this Friday!

Happy Friday Lovies!

This week has FLOWN by! I guess that's what happens when you're on off work on Monday and Tuesday. I couldn't get myself together quick enough to post before now. I thought I would post some confessions since it's been awhile since I've done that.

1- I confess that I have already ordered, received, address, stuffed, and stamped all my Christmas cards. These babies are just waiting to be mailed. I know I know.. I'm OCD.. but hey Shutterfly had 50% off the week of Halloween and I had a coupon too! I'm over the moon for our cards this year. My Hubs actually picked out our outfits and card design. He is determined they will be "Christmasy". My MIL took our pictures and love them! So blessed to have photography talent in family! I can't wait to share soon!

2- I confess I set up our 9ft and 7.5ft trees last weekend. I haven't decorated them yet but I'm working on it. Our house is total wreck right now with decor and oranments spread out everywhere but I love it!

3- I confess I totally swamped out my china to our Christmas china already. I even set the table!

Please excuse all the boxes around the table. I was unpacking Christmas decor as well! :)

I LOVE my Christmas china. My sweet god- Grandma started this for me a few years ago. I added the missing pieces to our wedding registry so now we have a 12 piece place setting and serving pieces!

4- I confess I'm kinda not looking forward to the Duke versus Virginia Tech football game this weekend. I'm usually so excited to tailgate and head to a game but it's supposed to be cold.. like freezing cold tomorrow. This is not my kind of tailgating weather at ALL! I am hoping a few cocktails will keep me warm! It's a 12pm game so some mimosas may be on hand. I might be the last person on earth to know this but I had no idea you could buy mimosas already premade in cans!!! I totally wish I known this before my wedding festivies! This picture was taken at Total Wine.

5- I confess I may or may not have already started wrapping Christmas presents.. My Hubs just shakes his head at me. Why not? I mean I already have the gifts so might as well wrap them and be done! I know I sound like I rush things but I don't like shopping in crowds or standing in lines. I also like to enjoy the actual holidays and parties. I don't want to be thinking about the other gifts and etc I need to do instead of living in the moment so to speak. Now I can just relax and welcome all the choas with open arms!

Happy Friday Lovies! I hope you have a good weekend!

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  1. I totally love that you are in the Christmas spirit already!!! I want to work on mine this weekend! I need to do photos but we need a good current photo of the three of us. You have me excited to get the Christmas party started!

  2. Christmas is little more than a chore to me, so I think that getting the wrapping done early is a good idea!